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Learn how to make your photos “pop”, become confident to take the photos your pet deserves, by mastering your camera, using natural light, posing and editing, with online and in-person photography classes and courses.

Pet photography school for pet lovers at any stage in their photography journey

Calling all pet lovers, owners, photographers and Instagrammers!

Grow in confidence and find the “missing link” in your pet photos to create cherished memories and works of art with Inspawration Photography School.

Online and in-person photography classes and courses from a fully qualified teacher, dog lover, and professional pet photographer.

Your pet deserves beautiful photos...

Does it feel like no matter how many presets you use, or YouTube videos you follow, you just can’t get your photos to look…. right?

If you’re struggling to take the photos you’re seeing on Instagram, and you’re feeling uninspired after trying again and again to improve, that’s normal!

We’ve all been there! I’ve been there! That’s why I created Inspawration Photography School. To teach pet owners, pet lovers, and pet photographers the skills they need to take and edit better photos.

There's More Than One Way To Learn...

Learning Community

Learning Community

Ready to take your pet photography to the next level with the support of a likeminded community?
The Learning Community is a closed membership, with all online courses, feedback and advice from me, live workshops, Q&A sessions, as well as specific how-to guides, full tutorials and so much more.
Find out more about the LC

Lessons & Workshops

Lessons & Workshops

Do you learn best with more one-to-one guidance, or in a small group?
Lessons and workshops are now available online and in person, either individually or in small groups! All lessons are tailored to each student & their needs, based on current skills and goals.
Inquire about Lessons and Workshops

Online Courses

Online Courses

Self-guided courses focusing on behind-the lens elements of pet photography from lighting to pose and creating a coherent mood, through to advanced editing techniques in both Lightroom and Photoshop, with videos and examples explaining the what, the how, and the why.
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What Our Students are Saying...

Online Self-Guided courses

Improve Your Pet Photography


Never struggle to take beautiful photos of your pets again.
check Gain confidence in using your camera on manual, or develop the skills to get the most out of your phone’s camera.
check Know how to use natural light to your advantage, what to look for when setting up a photo, and create images you will be proud of.

check Perfect for beginners, hobbyists, instagrammers, and aspiring photographers.

Lightroom for Pet Photography


Edit your pet photos the way you want them to look!
check No more sliding sliders around randomly hoping for the best. Know what each tool in Lightroom does, and why you might want to use it (or not!)
check Stop using presets, and start creating more dynamic images, edited how you want them by working selectively and editing individual elements of your images.

Next Level Pet Photography


Move beyond happy snaps and find your style through creating dynamic, interesting and engaging images.
check Learn how all the elements of a photo can come together to create a cohesive mood or story.
check Take your fundamental knowledge further, learn how poses, light, expression, location and more can affect the way your audience views your image.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to create art, find your style and to take your work to the next level

Photoshop for Pet Photography

Coming Soon - Under Construction

Enhance your pet portraits in Photoshop with confidence.
check Learn the most important tools for pet photography, and how they can be used in multiple ways for different effects.
check Learn how to mask, change colour, manipulate light, add flare, retouch eyes and more. Follow along with tutorials to put your new skills into practise.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to do more in-depth editing, whether they are completely new to Photoshop, or know their way around the program.

About Inspawration Photography School

Journey, Emily (me!), Loki

Four years ago, I quit my job as a primary school teacher to fly across the world with Loki and travel Europe while living in a van. 

During that time, I took thousands of photos, my old Australian Shepherd crossed the rainbow bridge and I added Journey to our adventure. Throughout all of this I realised how incredibly important all the photos of my dogs are. 

And how many mistakes I’d been making along the way. I set out to create photography courses and classes for every pet owner, whether they ever want to go professional or not, to help them take better photos of their pets.

I didn’t stop there. As a teacher of children, I know we learn better together, in a supportive environment where we are encouraged to play, explore, create, make mistakes, get feedback and celebrate our achievements. With this in mind, I built the Learning Community. 

My goal, for all my students, is for you to

  • feel more confident with
    • camera settings
    • lighting
    • creating a mood and
    • developing your own personal style
  • have  a range of editing tools and rationale for why you might edit certain ways
  • grow creatively, to be inspired and in turn inspire others
  • capture and create beautiful images of your pets (and the pets of your clients!

Looking for a fine art portrait of your pet?

I have limited availability for portrait sessions of pets. Please visit Emily Abrahams Photography for more information, or get in contact.

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