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The “Resource Library” contains the how-to guides and resources for members. Below, you will find the how-to guides and resources. Below that will be the complete list of “lessons”: all full tutorials, workshops, critiques and so on. 

There may be some cross-over with some of the resources, as they include a guide and a tutorial

Use the Drop-Down menu to sort by category, or scroll down to see the tag cloud and sort by tags. 

😎 = Suitable for beginners 

🧐 = Suitable for intermediate level

🤓 = Suitable for more advanced students

🥸 = Suitable for all levels.

Do you have a topic or guide you’re dying to learn about? Some element of photography, either in front of the camera or in editing got you stumped? Do you want a how-to on something that can’t be covered in a Q&A session? Pop your suggestion in the box below. The more feedback and suggestions I get from you, the more I can tailor this Learning Community to exactly what it is that you want and need.

Topics & How-Tos

Not available

Beginning your Business: Guest Speaker Erin from the Growth Genies

Learn all about branding, cohesion in your business, authenticity, finding clients and more, with guest speaker Erin, the creative director of The Growth Genies.
Not available

15 Minute Techniques: From Grey Winter to Golden Backlight

[int/adv] Winter means a lot of dull, grey, boring skies. In this quick lesson I show you a few tools to "spice up" your sky or bokeh to give it a golden backlit effect.
Not available

All About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): with Mirella Ruotsalainen

What is SEO and why is it important when building your website, if you want your clients to be able to find you? Mirella answers all in this guest talk about Search Engine Optimisation.
Not available

Two 15 Minute Autumn Edits

How often do we feel like in order for our photo to be good, we have to edit for hours? I wanted to edit two photos, as quickly as possible, but still have them look and feel like my normal style.
Not available

LR Update: Masks, Masks & More Masks!

Recently, Lightroom released an update that changed how we do our selective edits. It can seem overwhelming at first, but all comes down to adding to a mask/group, or removing from a mask/group. Here, we explore how we can use these new masks in our edits!
Not available

Dog Point of View & Body Language

Sometimes, without realising it, we can cause our dogs stress during photoshoots. This lesson shows how a dog might feel during a shoot, and what signs to look out for that show your dog might be stressed.
Not available

Light & Location: Quiz!

What makes a good location? Watch short video clips & think about how the photo will turn out, then click to see the finished result, settings & my thoughts on it!
Not available

September Challenge: Light!

This month, we're going to be diving deeply into light.
Not available

Behind the Scenes Livestream: Join us on a Photoshoot!

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