Deep Greens: Editing Bundle

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Deep Greens: Editing Bundle

670,00 (EUR)

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FIVE Full tutorials focusing on achieving beautiful deep green tones in your pet photos, two “how to” lessons focusing on greens, and three editing challenges with steps and downloadable photos you can practise on! Click here for further information!


Everything you need for editing green photos! For more information, click here.


  • the “Basic Editing Process” tutorial (€200 value)
  • Dreaming in Green tutorial (€200 value)
  • Deep Forest Sheltie tutorial (€200 value)
  • Sadie in the Woods tutorial (€200 value), and
  • Loki in Green tutorial (€200 value)
  • plus two “How To” lessons to teach you what elements you need in your photos to achieve a “Deep dark forest look” (€100 value)
  • AND access to three editing challenges with step by step instructions.
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