Master Your Camera for Pet Photography

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Master Your Camera for Pet Photography

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If you have a camera that’s collecting dust in the corner because it never seems to take photos like how you want it to, or you got gifted a shiny new DSLR or mirrorless and have no idea how to get it, or no matter what to do, your photos never seem to be in focus, this is the perfect course for you.

Broken down into three of the most important topics to master your camera: learning all about your camera and how to program it to get the best results, finally getting your photos focused on the eyes, and becoming confident with the exposure triangle so you know exactly what settings to choose and when, as well as how depth of field helps you get blurry backgrounds, this course is full of visual examples, videos, reference cards to download and print, and more.

Helping you learn:

  • how to stop your pets being nothing but a blur in your photos
  • how to make sure those beautiful eyes are tack sharp
  • when to worry about noise, and when it doesn’t really matter
  • how to choose your settings for action photos
  • what file type should you use and why does it matter?
  • what are all those numbers people keep talking about with their camera settings? What’s an ISO? What’s an f/ number?!
  • how to get the background of your photo beautifully blurry, IN CAMERA
  • what different lens lengths look like, and how to choose the next lens to buy
  • what on earth is Back Button Focus

And plenty more.

This is the perfect course for beginners who have only ever used their camera on auto mode but want more control, want to create the photos they know their camera is capable of, or who keep going back to their phone because it seems to do a better job than the camera!

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