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Perfect Personality

🥸(all): Our job is to capture personalities & tell stories. What do you need to think about to best show a subject's personality? That's what the July challenge is all about!

Limited Location

This challenge aims to push you creatively and to explore multiple ways to use one location. We often drive ourselves crazy trying to find the "perfect" location, or to move from here to there and to have 20 different spots along a walk... when sometimes all we need is one good location, used a variety of ways, to create a collection of completely different photos.

Glow Up!

This challenge offers two possibilities: either recreate an old photo of yours to see how much you've progressed - so go back to a similar/same location, and take a totally new photo there... or to re-edit an older photo of yours with your new editing skills.

Light Challenge!

This month, we're going to be diving deeply into light.

Variety Challenges: All about the dog

There are 3 challenges included here! Each of them is designed to get you out of your comfort zone, challenge you creatively, and inspire you to photograph your subjects in different ways to our normal posed artistic portrait.

Learn Your Camera’s Capabilities

In order to get full control over our photos, we need to understand what our camera is capable of. This challenge encourages you to push your camera to the limits, so you know what it can do under different circumstances.

“Joy” Challenge

Whether you're photographing in spring, or a litter of puppies, being able to capture and show an emotion is incredibly important to our work as photographers! In this challenge, focus on the a joyful feeling when out taking photos.

Panorama Challenge

This challenge encourages you to consciously create panorama-type photos, not of landscapes, but to fix your composition, give the dog more space to look into, or make the background softer and blurrier by being closer to the dog when shooting.

Deep Green Editing Challenge

This editing tutorial links to the "Deep Green" editing tutorial & lesson, and provides you with two options of photos to edit. One being simpler, the other much more advanced. You are encouraged to "copy" the edit, to push your editing skills, try new techniques, and expand your editing options.

Challenges coming soon:

  • Variety challenge
  • Self portrait challenge
  • Limited location challenge
  • Action challenge
  • Backlight challenge
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