Pet Photography Editing Workshop Recording: Advanced

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Pet Photography Editing Workshop Recording: Advanced

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A four hour advanced pet photography workshop recording, going through full editing workflows, and explaining and demonstrating various techniques related to pet photography.


This editing workshop  focused on not only the HOW of Emily’s full editing process, but also the WHY. It was held live in December 2022, and this is the recording.

Many editing tutorials just take you step by step through a process, but when it comes to editing a different type of photo, you get stuck. In this 4 hour workshop, we will be working through TWO photos, talking about all aspects of the editing process:

  • why start in Lightroom and use a Smart Object in Photoshop
  • why flexibility and non-destructive editing is important
  • how to decide on colours for colour-grading, and what tools work best for manipulating colours in image
  • what is shaping the light, how to decide when to shape light, and from what direction
  • how to match the editing to the mood of the image
  • how to alter the background elements of an image, fix the composition using other photos from the scene, use the “content aware…” features of Photoshop and more
  • how to help your dog stand out and “pop” in the photo
  • when is dark and moody too dark?

There will be downloadable files for you to work on throughout the workshop. We completely edited two photos, start to finish.


  • Confident in Lightroom, especially the masking features
  • Confident with what masking is in Photoshop, and how to create adjustment layer


Language: English

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