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In this workshop, we will be exploring multiple tools across Lightroom and Photoshop to change the colours in our photos.

We will discuss not only the how, but the when and why of changing colours, how colours work, colour harmony and more.

We will be looking at changing greens to autumn tones, adding more colour to flowers, eg., heather fields, getting deep, and rich greens. 

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Learning from the comfort of your own home from a fully qualified teacher and professional pet photographer has never been easier! 

With a range of topics, you can take your photography to the nex 

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If you are...

Then you will find invaluable information in this course.

After all, the advanced level is just mastery of the basics! ~ Ray Mancini

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Self-Guided Courses

Improve Your Pet Photography


Never struggle to take beautiful photos of your pets again.
check Gain confidence in using your camera on manual, or develop the skills to get the most out of your phone’s camera.
check Know how to use natural light to your advantage, what to look for when setting up a photo, and create images you will be proud of.

check Perfect for beginners, hobbyists, instagrammers, and aspiring photographers.

Lightroom for Pet Photography


Edit your pet photos the way you want them to look!
check No more sliding sliders around randomly hoping for the best. Know what each tool in Lightroom does, and why you might want to use it (or not!)
check Stop using presets, and start creating more dynamic images, edited how you want them by working selectively and editing individual elements of your images.

check Full tutorials from start to finish, using Lightroom only to create beautiful portraits – download the files and edit along!

Next Level Pet Photography


Move beyond happy snaps and find your style through creating dynamic, interesting and engaging images.
check Learn how all the elements of a photo can come together to create a cohesive mood or story.
check Take your fundamental knowledge further, learn how poses, light, expression, location and more can affect the way your audience views your image.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to create art, find your style and to take your work to the next level

Photoshop for Pet Photography

Coming Soon - Under Construction

Enhance your pet portraits in Photoshop with confidence.
check Learn the most important tools for pet photography, and how they can be used in multiple ways for different effects.
check Learn how to mask, change colour, manipulate light, add flare, retouch eyes and more. Follow along with tutorials to put your new skills into practise.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to do more in-depth editing, whether they are completely new to Photoshop, or know their way around the program.


Meet Emily

About Me (Emily!)

I’m Emily, and with me are Journey and Loki.

I am a dog-obsessed former teacher (with a Masters degree in teaching) who fell in love with photographing my dogs, and then other people’s pets, and it seemed only natural to combine my love for teaching, with my love for photography.

As a former primary school teacher I know how important it is to understand the foundations of any skill, breaking down information and sharing it in a way that is easy to follow. I know as well that everyone has their own favourite ways of learning: whether sitting down and working through an online course, or having the accountability of a time and date to attend a workshop.

I can’t wait to share my passion for creating beautiful portraits of our pets with you.


What our students are saying


Yes! Maybe even more so than if you have a fancy camera! Because there are some limitations when using phone cameras, knowing about using natural light, composing your scene, getting the right perspective, and even basic editing techniques will be much more important in creating stunning photos.

Definitely. I cover the most important camera settings in the course, from focus settings to getting off auto or priority modes, and into manual mode for complete control.

Yes! There are suggestions and advice for dogs without a stay and puppies, as well as a complete “stay” lesson and a bonus lesson to edit out a leash, just incase you need to leave your pup on leash.

Actually I’ve never been asked this but I’m pre-empting the question. Of course you can! Many (if not all) of the concepts apply to other animals. Using natural light, perspective, composition, even getting expression, can be applied to the majority of our animal companions.

Maybe not snakes.

Or turtles.

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