Changing Colours: Mini-Course!

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Changing Colours: Mini-Course!

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If you want to change the colours in your pet photos, this mini-course has you covered!

Featuring a ton of Inspawration resources, you’ll learn the best tools for changing colours in both Lightroom and Photoshop, whether you want to create deep, rich greens, or shift green to autumn (or anything in between), you’ll be able to take these tools, techniques and colour harmony concepts and apply them to your own photos.

Included in the mini course are:

  • TWO recorded workshops all about colour theory and colour changing tools (both 2 hours long!)
  • “All Colour Change Tools” – A comprehensive 60 minute video lesson with accompanying screenshots and text information, on every colour changing tool in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Which ones we use most, and which ones are less useful. When you might choose to use one tool over another one.
  • Editing Toolbox: Grey Green / Warm Yellow. This toolbox shows you how to take quite neon green tones and split them into a warm orange-yellow, and cool cyan-grey tones.
  • How to edit deep green tones:
  • 15 Minute Technique: From winter’s grey to golden glow. In just 15 minutes, turn your flat grey background into glowing golden backlight.
  • Two downloadable .pdf workbooks for further information, notes and examples
  • RAW files to download
  • A deep green editing challenge for you to tackle and improve your skills!
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1 review for Changing Colours: Mini-Course!

  1. Breanan Colenso

    Love this course! I am only part way through and I have already learnt so much! So informative and easy to pick up! Highly recommend!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

    • Emily

      Thank you so much Breanan! I’m so glad you’re loving the course and learning a lot! Thanks for the review!

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