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Welcome to the Lightroom Course!

Here you’ll find information on how to use the tools of Lightroom specifically in regard to pet photography. I use Lightroom to begin ALL the edits of my photography, setting up a good base or foundation for my images before taking them to Photoshop. If you aren’t yet confident with Photoshop, or you’re just beginning your editing Journey, this is a GREAT place to start. Lightroom is easy to understand, and it’s possible to create some really gorgeous images with this program alone, so don’t feel the need to skip this course and jump straight into Photoshop, as I think it’s really important to prepare your image here first, before moving on to the “sexy stuff”.

On that note, however, I think it’s really important that the image itself is good. The composition, expression pose, and lighting should all be taken care of in camera. All the fancy editing in the world won’t fix a dog who looks bored or distracted. And while you COULD spend hours editing a photo that was taken in harsh lighting with crazy contrasts, you’ll never be able to totally “hide” those unflattering lighting conditions. Much better to be careful about choosing your lighting and setting up your photo before you take it into LR. 

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