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About this section:

At the beginning of the Learning Journey, we held monthly Q&A sessions. As the Community grew and became more active, people got more comfortable asking their questions there, and our Q&A sessions were not as valuable any more.

I changed them to “Community Connect”, but the format didn’t really stick, and they quickly became Workshops – focused on a specific topic or theme, and are now found in their appropriate Stage and Topic.

We are now (March 2024) trialling “Hot-Seats”, where we get one amazing Community member to chat one-on-one with Emily for 20-30 minutes about a problem or challenge they’re having, and upload it here.

So, if you look through the archives and find Community Connect, and Q&A sessions, that’s why.

June 2024 Hot Seat: Daniela

Daniela joins me in the hot-seat to talk shaping light, creating vignettes, and how much is too much! I came up with a neat trick to start to better "see" how light works in your own photos, so when you need to fake it, you'll have a better idea of what you need to brighten and darken. [Length: 22 minutes[

May 2024 Hot Seat: Meike

Meike joins me in the hot-seat to talk posing, after noticing that her photos had started to become: "Dog stands in front of different background." We talk about 4 ways to mix up a standing pose, with a dog who isn't too keen on posing any other way! [Length: 25 mins]

New Member’s Welcome!

I wasn't sure where else to put this, but this is where you'll find the recording of the Welcome Party from May 2024 - site tour, site info, Q&A, etc.

April 2024 Hot Seat: Natasja

Natasja joins us in the hotseat with a challenge MANY new photographers face! When on location, getting overwhelmed by ALL the things you need to remember: settings, lighting, where the dog's looking, composition, posing...!!! Can my advice help her feel a bit less overwhelmed? Check out the video! [Length: 23 mins]

June 2023 Community Connect!

In this Community Connect, Sabrina and Teresa take over! They discuss lenses, especially the difference between the 85mm and 135mm, blurry backgrounds in photos, the pet photography awards, and plenty more.

May 2023 Community Connect!

In this session, we discussed: different types of tablets and how to use them, export settings for printing, why photos look different from monitor to phone, calibration, room brightness, and so on black dogs and blue colour-casts, setting up Back Button Focus on a Sony camera

April 2023 Community Connect!

In this Community Connect we go over: How to make a panorama photo in both Lightroom & in Photoshop How do you know when it’s time to start taking clients/launch your business? How to pick the best photo from similar ones
Messages from companies re: “brand deals” or “collabs” who want to send you free product in return for photos/posts on Social Media. Walking client dogs before a shoot. Feeling overwhelmed by doing ALL THE THINGS and then not motivated to take photos

March 2023 Community Connect!

In this community connect session, we talk about business, pricing, different business models, and more.

October 2022 Q&A

How to edit the eyes of senior dogs when they're cloudy? How to train the "wolf stalk" trick? Is it worth upgrading my camera? Questions about noise/ISO/low light conditions, and also about detail on close up vs. further away photos. How to create a silhouette photo in front of car headlights?

September 2022 Q&A

working with white dogs in PS,
white balance in interesting lighting conditions with white dogs,
eye pieces for your view-finder,
camera settings, when to expose for highlights, how to quickly choose camera settings when you don’t want your model sitting around, full manual mode vs. aperture priority mode,
contracts and legal obligations when setting up a photography business

July/August 2022 Q&A

In this Q&A we cover: getting a variety of photos, client vs. self mindset, shaping the light & WB in LR, lens softness issues, getting the eyes in focus, creating panoramas to fix composition, and more

June 2022 Q&A and New Member’s Welcome!

April 2022 Q&A

Including: what crop/perspective works best, camera recommendations, removing hazy grass from an image, when to make panoramas and more

March 2022 Q&A

Colour harmony for black dogs, using the brush tool in Lightroom, better phone photos, posing big dogs, success rate in action photos and more.

January Q&A

This Q&A covers: preparing files for printing, issues with depth of field when using the clone stamp/content aware fill tools, issues with the camera taking the photo before focusing, group photos, exporting your photos and white balance.

December Q&A: Editing People & Pets

Since we didn't have many Q&A questions, I focused instead on discussing how I edit people and pets. We do a head swap, work a bit on skin, talk about the liquify tool and more.

November Q&A

Sharpening eyes when they're out of focus, how to direct owners to pose dogs, growing social media and Instagram, where to find overlays, how to get brighter eyes when there is hair in front of the eyes

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