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Have a question you’re burning to ask that could make an interesting mini-topic for our Q&A sessions? Want some specific help or advice that isn’t a critique or feedback? Pop your question in the form below. You can leave your name off if you’d like to be anonymous. 

Otherwise, browse previous Q&A recordings below. You can really learn a heap by checking out these old Q&As. We cover so many different topics in the hour, and things you may have been wondering but not known how to ask about!

July/August 2022 Q&A

In this Q&A we cover: getting a variety of photos, client vs. self mindset, shaping the light & WB in LR, lens softness issues, getting the eyes in focus, creating panoramas to fix composition, and more

June 2022 Q&A and New Member’s Welcome!

April 2022 Q&A

Including: what crop/perspective works best, camera recommendations, removing hazy grass from an image, when to make panoramas and more

January Q&A

This Q&A covers: preparing files for printing, issues with depth of field when using the clone stamp/content aware fill tools, issues with the camera taking the photo before focusing, group photos, exporting your photos and white balance.

December Q&A: Editing People & Pets

Since we didn't have many Q&A questions, I focused instead on discussing how I edit people and pets. We do a head swap, work a bit on skin, talk about the liquify tool and more.

November Q&A

Sharpening eyes when they're out of focus, how to direct owners to pose dogs, growing social media and Instagram, where to find overlays, how to get brighter eyes when there is hair in front of the eyes

May Q&A Session

Questions: Catchlights, how to decide what to edit, information about printing, and pet & owner photos.

March Q&A

In this Q&A we look at: Issues with focus when underexposing and when it might be ok to blow out highlights in that cast, composites, head and background swaps, basics of masking, saving files for different purposes, UV lens filters, and the liquify tool

February Q&A

Getting soft backgrounds & foregrounds, focus & lens calibration, basic panel vs. tone curve, setting the white balance, and removing colour cast

January Q&A

What is fringing (chromatic aberration), discussion about lenses, how to scout for photoshoot locations, most important thing to remember for action shots common mistakes I see in editing, full frame vs. crop cameras, getting soft, dark backgrounds

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