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Camera, Gear, Settings

Get off Auto Mode: Mastering Manual Exposure

This is a great workshop for anyone new to photography, who wants to master manual exposure. We go over the exposure triangle, talk about noise, underexposing, and getting blurry backgrounds (and more!)

Workshop: Focus in Focus

😎🥸 (beg/all): Look at focus settings & focus areas, Back Button Focus, and troubleshoot common focus issues in this workshop

Workshop: Back to Basics – Learning Our Camera

😎 Level: Beginners. Learning your camera. How to change shutter speed, ISO & aperture, different focus modes, back button focus. Learn your way around your camera.

Behind the Camera

Workshop: Pose & Expression

Here we explore: Expression, gazing direction and pose, and how these can all tell different stories, or show different aspects of our subjects.

Workshop: Natural Light

(Beg/Int) Learn all about natural light in this workshop, including different light qualities, working with light direction, and temperature. Understanding natural light is so important to what we do as photographers so don't miss this workshop!


Changing Colours Workshop

Learn not only multiple tools to change the colours of your photos, but also looking into colour theory, and WHY you might want to make certain colour changes (and when not!)

Workshop: Shaping the Light

In this workshop, we're going to learn not only HOW to Shape Light, but also WHEN, and WHY. Best suited for INT/ADV students.

Workshop: Fixing Backgrounds

(int/adv) Learn how to copy & move parts of the background, use the clone stamp, healing spot, content aware fill, content aware crop, and content aware scale tools.

Workshop: Editing Rationale

🥸 (all): This workshop aims to dive into the question: How do I decide how to edit a photo? We discuss some guiding principles about elements in the photo which may influence your editing choices.

Workshop: Curves in Photoshop

🥸 (all - with some PS knowledge) Curves adjustment layers! My favourite editing tool when it comes to light and dark tones in the image! Learn all about curves, how and why to use them.

Workshop: Photoshop Basics

😎 Introduction to Masking in Photoshop. What is it? How to mask? Masking in two layers, and masking in adjustment layers. An absolutely FUNDAMENTAL skill in Photoshop.

Workshop: Seeking Distractions

Level: All/Beginners/Intermediate. This workshop covers some of the most FUNDAMENTAL tools for editing, especially in Lightroom, and talks about my rationale behind how I begin to edit. A GREAT starting point for anyone new to editing.

Workshop: Changing Colours (March 2021)

🧐🤓 Level: Intermediate/Advanced. When/why to change colours, different tools to change colour: HSL in Lightroom, Colour Balance, Selective Colour, Hue/Saturation adjustment layers

Other Things: Business, Social Media, etc

Workshop: Style, Self Analysis and Goal Setting

Unfortunately my computer with the workshop recording won't turn on again right now, so I can't upload it, but you can still download the booklet to learn all about style, self analysis and goal setting.

Workshop: Websites, Social Media, & Canva

Do you need a website? What should go in it? How do you grow your social media? What should you be focusing on? What is Canva and how can it be useful? All these questions and more covered in this workshop.

Workshop: Evaluating Our Work, Developing Our Style

Level: All. This workshop focuses on evaluating our work, discovering our strengths and challenges, and discussing what "style" means to us, and how we can begin to find our own style.

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