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Use this form to submit an image for the monthly critique session! Every month, I will collect the submitted images and provide feedback on them. Your image will not be shared anywhere without your permission, and the feedback video will only be shared amongst members of the site on the secure vimeo channel. 


  • Upload one high-resolution jpeg of the image per month
    • I recommend uploading fully edited images. Either the on you think is your “best image ever” (just don’t be too sad when I critique it) or one that drove you so crazy that you just gave up on it and you can’t figure out why it was so difficult. Those are the kinds of images we will learn the most from.
    • Please do not submit images that I have critiqued already in the FB group or Inspawration Connect. I’ve usually already given a lot of information there, so it’s hard to think of anything new or helpful when it comes up again.
    • Upload as .jpeg. Do not upload other file formats (docx etc). I will not be chasing people up if you’ve uploaded the wrong file type. 
    • You do NOT need to include the settings in the file name. This often changes the file format (because it reads the aperture number as the file format, so tries to make it a .8 file type) so it cannot be imported into Lightroom. I will not be chasing people up if their file cannot be imported to Lightroom or mucking around trying to fix this problem.
  • Make sure EXIF data is included (this tells me the camera and lens that was used, and the settings of the photo). Lightroom (and PS I suspect) includes this by default when exporting unless you’ve changed some settings.
    • I repeat, you do not need to attach the data anywhere additionally. Click here to see what the LR Export settings look like. If you leave it on “All Metadata”, my LR will be able to read the settings of your image.
    • When exporting using Photoshop, go to Export > Save for Web, and make sure that in the “Include Metadata” section, “All” is selected. 
    • If you are using a different software, either do a quick google search for “how to export with metadata using (your software)”, or tell me the software you use and I will do a google search. 
  • Remove all watermarks, I want this to be anonymous

April 2022 Critiques

Covering: Camera settings, composition, brightness of the dog, fringing/chromatic aberration, white balance, sharpness of the dog and more

October Critiques

This month covers: lots of different crops, adding detail, white balance, brightening the image and more

July Critiques

Personality challenge & monthly critiques, with info on white balance & mood, fringing/chromatic aberration, focus, editing to suit the mood and more.

March Critiques

It's time for the March critiques! A slightly (though not very) shorter video than last time, with a heap of information again, talking about black dogs, telling a story, poses, highlights, distractions and more.

February Critiques

February Critiques, featuring: portrait or landscape orientation, white balance issues, composition and framing choices
lighting and editing (particularly in regards to backlight,vchecking camera settings

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