Join us throughout 2024, for a 6-part webinar series, to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about taking photos of dogs in action, hosted by Chris van Riel.

Whether you want to take incredible, jaw-dropping shots of dogs at the “perfect moment” just before they catch a frisbee, want to photograph at agility competitions, OR want to ensure you get more hits on dogs running towards you at client shoots, this webinar series is for you.

Every two months throughout 2024, Chris van Riel will be joining Inspawration LIVE to host a webinar, all about dogs in action. We’ll be covering:

  • Taking action photos from the side and running toward you
  • Optimum camera settings and gear requirements for different types of action scenarios
  • Understanding exactly what is going on inside your camera when doing action photos, and how this affects your success-rate! 
  • Choosing locations for action photos for best results
  • Ethical and safety considerations
  • Editing frisbee photos to make the dog seem like it’s flying! 
  • The favourite: jump over a log photo
Throughout these 6 webinars, Chris shares everything he knows about taking incredible action photos of dogs.

Your Instructor: Chris van Riel

Hey! I’m Chris van Riel, I’m a dog-action photographer from The Netherlands.
When I started photography I began with portraits, but it didn’t take long until I discovered how much animals come alive when playing and moving. 

Ever since I specialized myself into photographing the art of motion. With joy, focus, power, and action, there’s so much potential for great images. 

It’s a great challenge to capture it at the right time but I just love every bit of it!

During this course I’m going to go back in time, to when I first started, and take you with me on this journey to become a better action photographer. There’s so much that I wish I knew when I started – so I’m going to make sure you don’t make the mistakes that I did!

During these webinars, there will be several episodes where I will take you behind the scenes. To show you from my own perspective how set up for my shots and how easy action photography can be if you’re willing to fully specialize yourself in this.

What's Included?

LIVE Sessions begin February 2024, and will take place every 2 months, giving you a full year of action-packed learning. That means there’ll be a live webinar in February, April, June, August, October and December! 

Even if you join throughout the year, you will have immediate access to the past recordings, as well as being able to access the future sessions live. 

For a limited time, sign up for pre-sale with Early-Bird pricing! 


Pre-sale Price: €350 inc Mw.St

By signing up you understand that the webinars start in 2024 and there are currently no recordings or content available until that date. Early-bird pre-sale will only be available until January 2024. 

Border collie leaping high in the air to catch a frisbee in this pet photography action photo

What's the Plan?

This is the current plan for the year, but can be changed as questions and topics come up throughout the webinars, depending on participant interests and as required.

  • February: getting started, camera settings, safety, why action photography
  • April: everything about sideways action, equipment, settings, positioning, locations,  repeatability, timing
  • June: everything about frontal action + exposing problems with equipment, settings, positioning,  locations, repeatability, timing
  • August: equipment masterclass. Explaining problems with equipment. The shutter problem, focus speed and focus distance,  crop vs fullframe,  focus systems in cameras explained, electronic shutters explained.
  • October: editing a photo with dogs running.
  • December: how to make a photo with two dogs running, or editing a frisbee photo
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