If you have a favourite photo of your pet that you want edited in Inspawration’s signature style, or you want a custom tutorial to see how Emily would edit your photo, choose from the options below to book your inspawration edit!

Custom Photo Edit

From basic retouching, to full fine-art edits, Emily will work on your photo until you’re proud to share it on social media, or get it made into wall art to hang on your walls!

Prices start from €75 for basic retouching, €120 for full fine art edits.

For full details & a custom quote, please contact us, as prices vary based on your requirements and the photo you’re wishing to edit*! 


You will receive:

  • The full resolution .jpeg photo without watermark, suitable for personal use only
  • the .tif or .psd file on request
  • commercial usage rights on request**

Basic Retouching includes:

  • white balance/colour correction
  • correcting exposure
  • reducing distractions in background
  • sharpening the face and eyes
  • brightening the subject if needed
  • removing colour casts from subject if needed
  • denoise if needed
  • subtle vignette
  • removing dust and dirt from subject

Full Fine-Art Edits Include:

  • All the above, plus
  • Emily’s full signature style, as much as possible on the photo provided
  • stronger vignette and light shaping
  • bold colours
  • colour-grading to suit the subject, scene and/or mood of the photo
  • dodge & burn of the subject for more “pop”/3D effect
  • fixing smaller issues with colour, light, contrast, etc
  • These edits often take from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

Book your edit & get a quote:

Fine Art Edit Examples

*While Emily will always aim to complete work to the highest standard, she’s not a miracle worker. Photos with difficult lighting, that are out of focus, with complicated harness removals, sky replacements, extensive clean-up of sticks and things in the background may be subject to additional charges, or may not be able to be “fixed”, depending on the situation. Images in .jpeg format may not yield the results you want, due to lack of data. RAW format images are always preferred and encouraged.

**Contact us for commercial usage quotes.

DSC00451 DSC00451-Edit
DSC01082 DSC01161-Edit
DSC05914 DSC05914-Edit
DSC09770 copy DSC09764-Edit-Edit-2
DSC01833 DSC01833-Edit (1)
DSC09329 DSC09329-Edit-Recovered-2
DSC03694 DSC03694-Edit
DSC03604 DSC03604-Edit
DSC03803 DSC03803-Edit

Custom Photo Editing Tutorial

If you want to learn from your edit, this is your chance!

Emily will record the editing process while she works on your photo, talking about each of the tools and steps she uses.

You will receive:

  • A downloadable .mp4 video, where Emily has recorded her screen and instructions detailing her process. All recordings are currently available in English. German may be available upon request. Unfortunately other languages are not available, however contact us for a quote for video-only. All videos will be between 1-2 hours in duration and are yours to keep and watch back as many times as you want.
  • videos will include Emily’s full workflow for fine art edits- see above to see what is included. 
  • the finished, edited, full resolution .jpeg of your image, for personal use (Social Media is fine). Please contact us for Commercial use.
  • the .tiff or .psd file to see the layers and edits. 
See a sped-up example of a recent editing tutorial below!
Custom Editing Tutorials:  €300, inc Mw.St

Commission your editing tutorial & get a quote:

A 20% discount is available if you allow us to share the editing video within our Learning Journey membership, not for public use or download. 

Your video is for your personal, private use, and must not be shared by you. 

Images are not to be entered in competitions, for calendars, etc. or given to clients. 

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