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Find the best learning option for you, wherever you are in your photography journey, and whatever your goals are.

One-to-one guidance, ongoing mentorship, and small group workshops, for completely personalised education.

Lessons and workshops are now available online and in person, either individually or in small groups! 

Tailored exclusively to you and your needs, we discuss what you want to achieve, what you feel is holding you back, and go through techniques and advice to help you improve, wherever you are in your photography journey! 

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or want to know how I edit my photos from start to finish, I can create a lesson for you, with ongoing support afterwards.

Live online workshops, or self guided courses – learn from the comfort of your own home.

Discover how to use natural light, master your camera on manual exposure, feel more confident taking photos even if you’re only just starting.

Create a mood, find your style through combining different elements in your pet photos, to create dynamic and captivating images.

Learn how which tools work best when editing your pet photos, when you might wish to use some tools over others, how to selective edit parts of the image, manipulate the light in an image to draw our viewer in, and more.

Take your photography to the next level, wherever you are in your journey, with a membership in the Learning Community.

Learning Community members get access to live workshops, Q&A sessions, Editing Livestreams and Dog training sessions, and other live events.

With a growing resource library of How-To Guides, full editing tutorials, videos on both photography and editing, and monthly critique sessions, the LC is packed full of information.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or more advanced artist, there is always new content and events being added to keep you moving forward with your photography.

Get started now with my Top Ten Tips - FREE Mini-Course

Get access to my mini-course with my ten favourite ways that pet owners, pet lovers and anyone with a camera or phone can immediately begin improving their photography, as well as exclusive access to a sample lesson from the “Improve Your Pet Photography” course.

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Feedback From Past & Present Students

Self-Guided Courses

Improve Your Pet Photography


Never struggle to take beautiful photos of your pets again.
check Gain confidence in using your camera on manual, or develop the skills to get the most out of your phone’s camera.
check Know how to use natural light to your advantage, what to look for when setting up a photo, and create images you will be proud of.

check Perfect for beginners, hobbyists, instagrammers, and aspiring photographers.

Lightroom for Pet Photography


Edit your pet photos the way you want them to look!
check No more sliding sliders around randomly hoping for the best. Know what each tool in Lightroom does, and why you might want to use it (or not!)
check Stop using presets, and start creating more dynamic images, edited how you want them by working selectively and editing individual elements of your images.

check Full tutorials from start to finish, using Lightroom only to create beautiful portraits – download the files and edit along!

Next Level Pet Photography


Move beyond happy snaps and find your style through creating dynamic, interesting and engaging images.
check Learn how all the elements of a photo can come together to create a cohesive mood or story.
check Take your fundamental knowledge further, learn how poses, light, expression, location and more can affect the way your audience views your image.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to create art, find your style and to take your work to the next level

Photoshop for Pet Photography

Coming Soon - Under Construction

Enhance your pet portraits in Photoshop with confidence.
check Learn the most important tools for pet photography, and how they can be used in multiple ways for different effects.
check Learn how to mask, change colour, manipulate light, add flare, retouch eyes and more. Follow along with tutorials to put your new skills into practise.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to do more in-depth editing, whether they are completely new to Photoshop, or know their way around the program.

One to One Lessons & Group Workshops

I am all for a fun, relaxed learning experienced, guided by you and your needs. People don’t fit in boxes, and lessons take unexpected turns. We will cover whatever is most important to you in your lesson.

I offer...

  • Private online lessons (one to one, or share with a friend)
  • Private in-person lesson (Corona restrictions allowing)
  • Group Workshops in person
  • Ongoing fortnightly or monthly coaching calls
  • Speaking at Photography clubs and other events

There is no one “right” way to learn. Some people learn best in small groups with hands-on experiences, others prefer the distraction-free environment of a one-to-one online lesson.

This is why my lesson and workshop availability is so flexible. From one-off bitesized lessons, to six hour workshops, and ongoing fortnightly or monthly mentorship, I truly want every single one of my students to succeed, to walk away feeling inspired – whether to use their camera on manual for the first time, or to try new techniques in Photoshop.

I’m not happy unless my students are happy, so offer ongoing support after your lesson if you have questions, want some feedback on an image, or just want to show me what you’ve created!

Not sure? Get in touch for an obligation-free chat.


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