Before & After Editing

I really believe that editing should serve to enhance the story, mood, or moment we’ve already captured. That being said, I love editing images – to really draw out the magic that I saw in the moment when I was taking the photo and make it something more

Below are a selection of my edits – they might not all line up perfectly due to a change in crop or angle.

DSC07235 An adorable black and white dog peacefully sitting in the woods lit by intense golden light, captured beautifully through pet photography techniques and editing
DSC03514 DSC03514-Edit
DSC04314-2 DSC04314-Edit-Edit-4 copy
DSC06392 DSC06392-Edit
DSC06505 DSC06505-Edit
DSC06685 DSC06685-Edit
DSC02374 DSC02374-Edit-4 copy
DSC03125 DSC03125-Edit 2
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