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Pet owner, Instagram petfluencer, or aspiring pet photographer?

If you've fallen in love with taking photos & know they could be better, but don't know where to start, you're in the right place.

This self-guided course can be taken in your own time, with lifetime access.

It has been designed for anyone wanting to master the very basics of pet photography, even if you’re only using a phone and just want some nicer photos for yourself, or if you got a new DSLR and have no idea what all the settings do.

Who is this course for?

If you are

a loving pet owner wanting to capture memories of your furry companion

a “petfluencer” or just someone who fell in love with taking photos of their pup during lockdown

an aspiring pet photographer or hobby pet photographer ready to improve their craft

Then you will find invaluable information in this course.
After all, the advanced level is just mastery of the basics! (Ray Mancini)

This course will let you

  • Get lifetime access to the course, which you can take in any order, at your own pace
  • Ask questions in the dedicated forum, and comments section on each lesson
  • Translate the lessons into your language (using GoogleTranslate)
  • Know how to use different types of natural lighting in your photography
  • Learn perspective and angle to take your photos at for maximum impact
  • Understand the most important aspects of composition to make the photos more pleasing to the eye
  • Finally get your camera off auto mode and start using manual mode with confidence
  • Take photos which are in focus, in a variety of settings
  • And much more!

Before & After Examples

These photos are comparisons, showing the kinds of photos you (might) be taking now, compared to the kinds of photos you could be taking by the end of the course. Not in terms of editing, because the editing on these photos is quite basic, and able to be done on most programs, but in terms of the behind-the-camera elements of the images. Some photos have been submitted by students.

23155176_660193551740_7685180109289451380_o DSC03846
DSC00456 DSC09888
Before Rosie
155086571_3722651707833880_5683200614295440814_o 156063430_3722651984500519_6879936211828671212_o

What our students are saying


Yes! Maybe even moreso than if you have a fancy camera! Because there are some limitations when using phone cameras, knowing about using natural light, composing your scene, getting the right perspective, and even basic editing techniques will be much more important in creating stunning photos.

Definitely. I cover the most important camera settings in the course, from focus settings to getting off auto or priority modes, and into manual mode for complete control.

Yes! There are suggestions and advice for dogs without a stay and puppies, as well as a complete “stay” lesson and a bonus lesson to edit out a leash, just incase you need to leave your pup on leash.

Actually I’ve never been asked this but I’m pre-empting the question. Of course you can! Many (if not all) of the concepts apply to other animals. Using natural light, perspective, composition, even getting expression, can be applied to the majority of our animal companions.

Maybe not snakes.

Or turtles.

I designed this course with you in mind.

I wanted to take some of the most common mistakes I was seeing from the photos my friends were posting on Facebook and fix them. Without you having to buy a new camera, or spend hours editing. Actionable information which will improve photos taken with any camera or phone, with any pet, and minimal editing.
As a former primary school teacher, I know how important it is to have a solid foundation in the fundamentals. This course covers how to use natural light, composition, choosing a location and capturing expression, all of which even the best editing in the world probably can’t fix. But, because our images are rarely perfect straight out of camera, there’s even some editing lessons which you can do on any free app or program, to help you get started.

And I know I could show you hundreds of examples of much more fancy, stunning photos that I’ve taken… but that isn’t the point here. The point is mastering some foundation skills, to drastically improve your images.

Course Content

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The Foundations
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Introduction to Light
Types of Light
Light Direction
Types of Photos
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