About Us

Hey! I’m Emily, a 30-something former primary school teacher turned entrepreneur, who gets to take photos of dogs and teach people all about taking photos of dogs!

I’m passionate about giving my dogs the life they deserve, and that means training, adventuring, travelling and capturing photos and videos from our lives at home, and on the road.

My two boys – Loki, the black and white border collie with perfect triangular ears, and Journey, the red and white smoothie with the cutest freckles – are my whole world. I love finding and sharing products that I believe in, and I have a large social media audience who trusts my opinion because of that.

Both my boys love to model and bring their unique personalities to every job, applying typical border collie enthusiasm to their work, whether it’s dog beds, collars, harnesses, jackets, or water bottles! So even if you want some beautiful new photos for your website or social media, without a review or feature – we’ve got you covered. We love to create content that fits your brand and your image.

Our Audience


60.6k + Followers

90k Reach

66% Women / 33% Men

39.5% between 25-34

  • 20.1% USA
  • 9.1% Germany
  • 9.1% UK
  • 4.4% Canada


77.2k + Followers

80% Women / 20% Men

25-34: 42%  / 18-24: 33%

  • 53.1% USA
  • 14.8% UK
  • 7.9% Germany
  • 7.1% Canada

Services & Rates

Photo Post: Instagram

Dedicated photo post in my feed in perpetuity, featuring one of my two dogs. Photographed according to your requirements – full fine art edits included. Caption written to your specification. Full commercial rights to the image to be used on your website, social media etc. 

Sponsored Reel or Tiktok

Short form video – shot, edited, and posted on both Instagram and Tiktok. Content to your specification (can show the product, do an honest review, unboxing, etc). Video kept on feed in perpetuity. 

Product Photography
starting at €150

Lifestyle photos created for your brand for you to use in your marketing. The above session fee includes two photos with basic retouching, and a gallery to select further photos as required. 1 image = €75, 8 for €480, 16 for €800

UGC / RAW Video Footage

Video footage of your product, according to your specifications. You can receive either raw/unedited video footage of approx 5 minutes, which you can edit it as required. Or, I can edit it together according to your shot-list, with simple transitions, and you will receive a 60 second video. 

Please contact me for a custom quote for your requirements. 

Note that if you require me (or a person) in the video, there may be an extra charge, or the video will be static as it will be on a tripod. 

Special locations (mountain, beach, etc) will incur a travel fee as these are not close to where I live.

For product photography & video footage, finding other dogs or models is possible for a fee. 

All reviews will be honest based on my opinion.

I will not review or promote any product that utilises aversive training methods, or that I feel is unsafe for dogs (eg., harnesses that restrict movement). 

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