Hue/Saturation is a useful tool for a number of applications, including:

  • Removing saturation to tone down colours
  • Adding saturation to make stronger colours, or to make it easier to do selective colour adjustments by having more colour pixels
  • Removing colour casts particularly from black/white fur
    • check chests, chins, legs, the side of the face, and anywhere that colour can be “bouncing”. Just remember that it wouldn’t make sense to desaturate colour casts from a coloured dog (turning them grey) so you’ll need other tools for them!
  • Slightly altering the hue of part of an area
  •  By using “colorize” we can change the colour of the entire image, and mask this in where we need it, turning down the opacity as needed.
  • Remove distractions when colours are too strong in an area.