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Editing Avi, Black Poodle, Full LR & PS Tutorial


In this tutorial we take a slightly underexposed image of poodle Avi, and using both LR and PS do a full tutorial, turning it into a warm, backlight-type image.

There’s plenty of black dog specific information in here, as well as looking at:

  • coat colour and contrast
  • working a bit on brightening dark eyes
  • creating warmth in the background
  • radial gradients for background haze
  • contouring the face for more contrast
  • selective colour for more warmth and yellow/orange tones
  • creating some fake rim-light 
  • adding some radial blur for an interesting “movement” effect
Liv Moore has kindly allowed LC members to download the RAW file. If you want to post your edits on social media, you are welcome to do so, but please make it clear that the photo was taken by @livemoorewithavi
After I stopped filming, I: placed a radial filter over Avi & surrounds increasing exposure by +.30 – removing it from the bokeh to his right and raised all-over exposure by +.15. It’s pretty normal for me to lighten everything again once its saved to Lightroom. Don’t feel like once you save to LR that you aren’t allowed to do a couple more edits there!

Editing Šaj, Croatian Sheepdog, Lightroom Only Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to take the panorama of Croatian Sheepdog Šaj from the image on the left, to the image on the right, just using Lightroom. Be prepared for a lot of radial filters! This will be an interesting one for you if you aren’t confident with PS yet, or just don’t want to use photoshop, as it shows how you can really create a pretty dynamic image just in Lightroom. 

I chose this photo specifically because it was well exposed, and we wouldn’t have to do a LOT of work brightening her up or doing anything especially crazy to the background or surroundings.