June 2022 Critiques

Our first critiques after reopening the membership and boooyyyy was it a big one!!

We covered SO many topics here, from composition (give the dog space to look into!), to white balance, posing, shaping the light, camera settings, light and location, and soooo much more. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted an image for critique! I know it takes guts and bravery to put your work out there! If I didn’t say anything nice about your photo, please don’t take it personally, I had sooo many photos to get through that quite often I just wanted to dive into the “meat” of the critique and get to the important stuff. 

It’s not personal (I don’t even know who submitted most of the photos 😂), and it doesn’t mean there was nothing good about your photo. In fact often when I say something nice it’s because I’m stalling while I think of the feedback 😂

There’s SO much good stuff in here from everyone, no matter whether you’re a total beginner or more advanced, so take the information on board, use it to improve, and submit your next photo before the end of the month! You got this!

Part 1

Part 2

May 2022 Critiques

In this month’s critiques we discuss:

  • composition
  • light & distractions
  • when mood & editing don’t fit
  • making your dog the star of the photo & not making the photo so dark that they get lost
  • depth & layers
  • white balance

February 2022 Critiques

As always, we had a huge range of different photos and topics to discuss in these critiques, from perspective and getting down low, through to editing eyes, and thoughts on the storytelling/purpose of our photos. Thank you everyone for submitting! 

January 2022 Critiques

Thank you to everyone who submitted an image for critique!

Remember, you can learn so much by watching these critiques, even if you didn’t submit an image so make sure you put aside some time to have a look, there’s a heap of information here across a range of topics!

December Critiques

Quick note: When I got to the 2nd last image to critique my computer had a melt down- or at least, the screen did. I had to critique the last 2 images on an airbnb TV screen so I’m really sorry if I got everything wrong or made comments that make no sense when looking at the image on normal screens, but my computer’s screen is totally dead and I was afraid there would be no critique at all. 

October Critiques

Here comes the October critiques! As always, a great selection of image, thank you to everyone for being brave enough to put your work up for feedback! I really hope you learn a lot not only from your own critique, but others’ too.

Remember, as I said last month, that I don’t know the full story behind your images. I always get messages after a critique saying: “yeah but…” or “oh it was like this because…”

Remember that in the “real world”, whether that’s with clients, your audience on Instagram, or whatever it happens to be, they won’t get that back story either. If you are making a statement, then make it. If I’m interpreting the image “wrong”, then that is my interpretation – art, photography, is subjective. Someone else might see it exactly how you intended. 

If I say something like: “Maybe there was some noise here and you used denoise?” and you didn’t, that’s ok! But then maybe it’s worth looking into why the fur looks how it does, or what’s led me to wondering about your image. 🙂