December Challenge - Feedback

To celebrate Journey’s birthday in December, the December #inspawrationchallenge on Instagram was to choose from a selection of raw photos of baby Journey, edit one or two, and upload them to Instagram, using the hashtag so I could find them.

As always, a great selection of creative edits, with some going for bright and summery, some going for dark and moody, some extreme contrasts, and some soft warm backgrounds.

The main issues that I found while going through and creating the critiques were:

  • Journey’s coat too cool/blue, or a very strong vibrant orange
  • Blue on the nose
  • Highlights above/behind Journey very bright and distracting
  • The whole image, including Journey, darkened to make a dark mood.
If your image doesn’t appear in the critique video below, it may be that you didn’t use the hashtag, or didn’t post to your feed. Make sure you read through the instructions of the challenge so that your image is included. Below the video you will find the January Challenge! This one will be a little bit different to last time, so again, make sure you read the instructions!

January Theme Challenge - "Cosy"

This month’s challenge is embracing the winter, now that we’re past Christmas and into the cold, dreary months, I think we all need to be warmed up and cheered up a bit. So, the theme is


This challenge is for you to use your own photos, rather than edit mine. You can interpret the theme however you want – I will be looking for a sense of cosiness. Think hats and scarves, fireplaces, cuddling up close, being wrapped in blankets, or whatever else you can think of.

The Rules (read these carefully!)

  • as I will be launching the first course/s and the Learning Community in January, this time there will be a winner (maybe two), who will receive a free month’s access to the Learning Community to celebrate! Woo hoo!
  • upload as many photos as you’d like that fit the theme but don’t rush! Choose good quality photos, take your time. You have all month to enter. More entries does not equal better quality. I won’t choose a winner just because they flood the hashtag with 25,000 photos.
  • photos can be tagged from the beginning of January (don’t use the hashtag from photos posted in November, or December, or two years ago), until January 31st.
  • you must use the #inspawrationchallenge hashtag so I can find the entry, or upload it as a comment to the Inspawration Photography Facebook page – there’s a special album!
  • upload to your feed, but of course a share to the story about the challenge is also always appreciated 😊
The winner will be judged on:
  • how well the photo fits the theme, so this means cosiness, warmth, etc. 
  • technical elements of creating the photo, eg., perspective, pose, lighting, composition and so on.
  • editing elements of creating the photo. This isn’t necessarily about fancy editing skills, but how well the editing supports the over-all image. A minimally edited photo could win, if the image is powerful and well-created. The photo below, for example, was edited using only the most basic Lightroom global edits. 

December Challenge Favourites

(in no particular order at all)

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