Every month (except March!) I hold a photography or editing challenge through my blog and Instagram. I think challenges are such a fun way to improve your pet photography, learn new skills, or try something different…. and that’s what the challenge in February was about: to get out of your comfort zone in some way.

We had about 80 entries in Feb and I LOVED reading about and seeing how people had gotten out of their comfort zone. Some people took photos indoors, some used wide-angle lenses, some tried close up/macro photography, some did action for the first time, or got off auto mode and onto manual!

 Everyone who entered should feel so proud of themselves for committing to improving their pet photography, because we can’t grow unless we are challenged, try new things, or seek to do things that make us a little bit uncomfortable! 

Ana and I started the process by discussing each photo but it would have taken us literally 6 hours to do them all like this, so we had to streamline the system as we went, hence why some photos got a little longer at the start than others.

 Also, if you don’t see yours here, don’t worry – they had gone into another folder and I found them once I stopped recording. We discussed them too and also gave them a score, but the winner was still the same.

The great thing about having Ana assist with the judging is that she didn’t know whose image is whose, she was completely impartial (as much as I try to be, I know who many of you are by now!). At the end it was a tally of points who determined the winner, hence there was not really any back and forth about the result.

I will hopefully have a new challenge in April so keep your eyes peeled 😍

The Winners!

First Place

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