Beginning: Roadmap 1

You love taking photos of your pet but no matter what you read or watch, the photos don’t come out how you want, and using your camera, light, composition theories and editing is a mystery.

Editing is usually just sliding sliders around or applying a preset and hoping for the best.

You aren’t sure how to help your dog understand how to stay or pose for photos and you get frustrated during photo sessions.

Creating: Roadmap 2

Your photos are usually in focus and you feel okay about using the camera in manual focus and looking for and using natural light.

You’re starting to think about being more purposeful in how you put together and edit your photos but are still missing many “key ingredients”.

You and your dog are developing a working relationship and are beginning to understand each other better.

Exploring: Roadmap 3

You’re conscious of how elements like pose and expression can affect the photo, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the other aspects behind the scenes, like choosing locations, more advanced composition, and when and why to make certain editing choices.

You’re finding your own voice & style, and want to continue developing that to make stand-out pieces of art, but you aren’t sure what’s missing & how to tell magical stories.

Your dog will usually stay in different places & you’re starting to incorporate more technical poses and tricks into your photos, and you might be thinking of starting to incorporate other dogs or animals into your photos!

You are beginning to make sense of the tools available in your editing program and are trying new techniques, though it doesn’t always work!

PRO Members: Beyond: Roadmap 4

You’re finding your flow and making photos you’re really proud of, finding new locations, trying different poses and capturing different expressions.

You’re ready to level up your editing skills by diving into different tutorials.

You may also be thinking about starting, or want to expand your business, and are looking to improve your knowledge around branding, pricing, products, your website, or using social media.

The mental health side of things also comes into play, especially as you go professional, and thoughts about imposter syndrome, perfectionism and more may be something for you to work through.

What is the Inspawration Learning Journey?

The Learning Journey isn’t a start to finish “online course.” We recognise that everyone begins and “ends” their journey at different places, have different things they want to learn, but are all bound by the love of photographing pets.

Instead, it’s an ongoing educational journey into pet photography.

With direct access to an ever-expanding library of resources: videos, written lessons with visual examples, downloadables, tutorials, Behind the Scenes analysis, live events and more. 

With feedback & support from experts and our Community, to help you reach your photography goals.

Different devices showing aspects of the online pet photography course and membership and community

The Learning Journey will help you to:

Master your camera settings, to consistently get your subjects in focus, with the exposure settings you need for each location

Find ideal photography locations, and work confidently with natural light to create engaging portraits, and magical storytelling images

Discover your editing style, through uncovering a solid editing rationale, tools, techniques and workflows to help you find what you love to create.

Develop a stronger bond with your dog, understanding training principles, teaching tricks, and finding ways to work with the subjects in front of you to show them at their best


Be inspired to take photography in whatever direction you want. Getting clients, doing commercial photos, or simply capturing precious memories for yourself or your social media.

Tap into the collective knowledge of our incredible Community, and get answers and feedback from Emily & Sabrina, to keep you accountable and progressing.

What makes the Learning Journey different?

Resources designed by a teacher

With a Masters Degree in teaching, and 5 years of experience in a primary school classroom, Emily is more than just a photographer telling you what she knows… she also knows how to explain and break down concepts in multiple ways

Constant Improvement

The membership is for the members. That means analysing what’s working and what isn’t, noticing holes in understandings, creating new resources around questions and themes that consistently come up in the Community & critiques

Peer Support

With over 300 members – all fellow pet photographers at various stages of their own journeys – the Learning Community is there to answer questions, give feedback, cheer you on and celebrate your wins, and help you through challenges. 

More than Photography

We understand that there’s more to your world than photography. In the resources & in the Community, we discuss mental health, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, creativity and more. For many members, there has been a “Mindset Shift” experienced since joining!

Supporting YOUR Journey

No matter where you’re at, what your background or goals are, you’re welcome here. We encourage you to find your own style – not just copy/paste ours. No competition, no race to “finish” or get to a certain point. It’s your journey and we’re here to support you.

Our Full Commitment

The Learning Journey is our main focus and we love seeing our members experience success – whatever that means for them personally. Resources, attention, and innovation are all for the membership and its members.

Hi there! I'm Emily.

A photographer in the woods with her two border collies, holding a camera, fine art photography style

Fully qualified teacher, Professional Pet Photographer, world-level Agility Trainer

By combining my superpowers of photography, creative arts, teaching and dog training, for the past few years, I’ve been helping pet owners and pet photographers create better photos of pets.

It began with my very first dog, Mallei, who came into my life at 18 and when 8MP cameras were new technology. Later, I would travel the world with Loki, capturing memories of our adventure with my trusty Sony camera.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to teach hundreds of aspiring pet photographers and pet parents, delving into their challenges and celebrating their successes.

And through it all, I’ve discovered new ways to approach the ART of pet photography.

To put together all the puzzle pieces of a photo to create a mood, a story, to capture a personality… and then of course, to edit it to become something magical.

Support & Resources for EVERY Stage of Your Journey

Do you…

We LOVE teaching pet owners to take and edit BEAUTIFUL photos of your pets that you’ll want printed and on your wall! The Standard membership is perfect to help you capture those photos you’ve been imagining, and includes:

Roadmaps 1-3

The Roadmaps are our structured library of pet photography resources, meeting you where YOU’RE at on your Learning Journey.

You’ll find hundreds of lessons, videos, behind the scenes, downloadable files and more, from camera settings, to using light, to finding locations, posing and training dogs, and of course, editing.

Roadmaps 1-3 take you from complete beginner, to confidently creating beautiful photos and exploring a variety of editing techniques!

Master Your Camera

Tired of wrestling with your camera or not sure why your photos are always too dark, too blurry, or maybe not blurry enough?

With all the lessons from our “Master Your Camera for Pet Photography” course, you’ll learn how to get your photos in focus, how the exposure triangle works, what lenses may be best for you, and how to choose different settings for different situations – black dogs, action, low light, backlight, indoors and more.

Pro Level: Level up your social media!

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ALL Learning Journey members get access to:

Immediate access to Roadmaps 1-3

We have a huge library of content for you to dive straight into as soon as you join, from full courses on topics ranging using your camera, to working with locations and natural light, through to posing and training dogs, and editing tools and techniques! 

Learn what you need, when you need to, from anywhere in the world, with no lock-in contracts or minimum terms.

Two computers, a tablet and a phone showing different elements of the Learning Journey Community

The most amazing, supportive Community of pet photographers

I know, everyone SAYS they have a great Community…. but we REALLY do. The Community is the heart of the Learning Journey, and the place to go to ask questions, get feedback on your photos, share your challenges and wins, and to connect with others.

With the combined knowledge of Emily & coach Sabrina, plus every member’s individual skills and expertise – all on their own learning journeys, but with similar ideas and philosophies, the Community can only add to your learning experience.

With Monthly Member Assignments included to help you stay motivated, push you creatively, and hold you accountable, you’ll continue to progress & improve through the Community.

Learn from Critique!

It’s no secret that getting feedback on your work is an effective way to learn! That’s why we have monthly in-depth critique videos.

All members can watch each month’s critique video, as well as access the entire archive of critiques – well over 3 years worth of techniques, tips, editing advice, composition and light advice, camera settings, black dogs, white dogs and everything in between!

Pro members can upload one photo per month to have critiqued!

Check out a short sneak peek of a critique video!

You’ve fallen in love with pet photography and you’re ready to either start your business, or take it to the next level. We’re here to help! The Pro membership gives you additional resources and support so you can create beautiful photos for your client:

Pro Level: Business Resources

Not only are Roadmaps 1-3 included to help you master the technical aspects of taking photos, but you will have access to our ever-growing business course.

With lessons and guest speakers on pricing, including our Pricing Calculator, products, social media – including our downloadable 60+ social media post & caption ideas, website and portfolio guides, you’ll have support to build and grow your pet photography business.

Play Video

Guest Speakers

With guest speakers joining us every month, you can extend your skills, get inspired, and add to your portfolio.

With guests on everything from action photos to email marketing, composition to pricing, studio photography (planned) and mental health, we have more amazing guests scheduled every month!

Pro members come along live to ask questions and get clarification, or watch the recording afterwards. All members get recording access for topics in Roadmaps 1-3.

Editing Toolboxes

Knowing that you have the skills to fix any problem your photo may have, or being able to apply different effects to your photos will help take them to the next level.

Our ever-expanding library of editing toolboxes has both full workshop recordings on changing colours, shaping light, using curves layers, etc, as well as bite-sized lessons on a range of editing techniques (mostly using Photoshop), from editing the face and eyes, adding overlays, removing collars and people, changing parts of the background and more. 

Play Video
A foggy journey through the woods with the words explore the edit.
Play Video about A foggy journey through the woods with the words explore the edit.

Explore the Edit

Don’t have time for a FULL Editing Tutorial? Want to see how an edit was put together using the tools and techniques you already know and use

Explore the Edit is a new feature in the Learning Journey, where we take you through an edit, layer by layer, to see how the tools and techniques you’re probably already familiar with, went into creating the final edit. 

Check out the video taken DIRECTLY from the Explore the Edit course inside the membership!

PRO Level: Editing Tutorial Library

We know editing is a big part of pet photography! 

That’s why, while the Standard membership includes 3 full editing tutorials (valued at €600), the Pro Level begins with 8 Tutorials, and includes new tutorials being released every month!

PLUS! Access to live Edit Together sessions and the recordings of those new editing tutorials.

Note that many (not all) of the tutorials pictured here open throughout the first year of your membership – not all are immediately available! They are immediately available with a yearly subscription!

Join the Learning Journey Pro for the Ultimate Level Up

Everything you need to learn how to create and edit beautiful photos of pets, with added support and editing resources

Have your questions answered personally by Em & Sabrina

If you have a question & don’t want to ask in the Community, but would rather get a reply direct to your inbox, you can Ask Us!

As a Learning Journey Pro member, you can send a video, audio or text question to us & we’ll send a video reply!

This is your opportunity to get advice and support straight from Team Inspawration.


A Whole Year of Editing Tutorials!

Editing is a HUGE part of photography, and although we emphasise that you need to master the foundations, we know everyone loves an editing tutorial…


Pro members get immediate access to at least 8 full editing tutorials.

Then, for every month of your membership, 2 other tutorials become available! Meaning by the end of the year, you have access to over 20 tutorials, worth over €4000!

Ps. Yearly subscriptions get immediate access to all tutorials!

Join us for LIVE Events!

We LOVE meeting onlive for live events! It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable by setting a time and date to show up and do some learning, or some editing!

We have regular live events, including: Edit Together/full editing walkthroughs, Edit & Chills (like body-doubling), Guest Speakers, Workshops, Peer Review sessions and more.

Grow your skills & knowledge, connect with others, get support, and take action in your photography journey.

PLUS! Upload a photo for monthly in-depth critiques,  access business, social media, and mental health resources, and other bonuses just for Pro members!

Get Instant Access to the Learning Journey!

If you’re ready to take your pet photography to the next level by enrolling in the Learning Journey, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

Learning Journey Standard

€29 EUR

per month

$30 USD / £25 GBP

Change to USD, GBP or AUD at checkout.

Prices include Mw.St

Content and Community access to:

Learning Journey Pro

€45 EUR

per month

$47 USD / £38 GBP

Change to USD, GBP or AUD at checkout.

Prices include Mw.St

Includes everything in Standard, plus…

Recurring payment. Cancel any time in just 3 clicks. 

Recurring payment. Cancel any time in just 3 clicks. 

Learning Journey Standard

€290 EUR

per year

$300 USD / £250 GBP 

Change to USD, GBP or AUD at checkout.

Prices include Mw.St

Includes access to:

Learning Journey Pro

€450 EUR

per year

$470 USD / £380 GBP

Change to USD, GBP or AUD at checkout.

Prices include Mw.St

Includes everything in Standard, plus…

Recurring payment. Cancel any time in just 3 clicks. 

Recurring payment. Cancel any time in just 3 clicks. 

We welcome photographers from all stages of their journey – whether complete beginners, through to seasoned professionals. We want you to learn to take beautiful photos of your own pets and client pets, and to bring the joy of photography to your clients.

That is who this membership is built for, not those looking to be coaches, trainers, teachers, or who are wanting to make their own tutorials and lessons.

We recognise that information doesn’t exist in a bubble, and acknowledge those who have taught US, in some of the earliest lessons. However, to keep our creative process, resources and ideas safe, we know it’s almost impossible to be actively learning from and involved in a membership while teaching – without re-teaching the techniques, processes and ideas that are being learned!

Therefore, it is in our terms and conditions that members cannot be teaching, making tutorials/lessons, holding workshops etc, while in the Learning Journey. 

If you are wanting to teach, and have interesting, innovative or unique skills, techniques, ideas or knowledge – contact us! We LOVE having guests on-board! But, this isn’t the place for you to learn. 

We hope you understand ❤️

Learning Journey member glow up Meike
I'd been dancing around joining the Learning Journey for a few months before taking the chance on myself and signing up, "even if" I only take photos of my own dog in my free time and do not plan to ever start a photography business. Would it be worth it? Would I learn new things I could apply to my not-very-cooperative dog? Would I be able to stay motivated when life gets busy?

Yes to all of the above! It was easily one of the best decisions I made in 2023 because while I also learned tons and tons about composition and editing, the biggest learning opportunity the LJ, both the lessons and the community, offered me is making photo sessions fun for Jordan, my dog who has much better things to do than to pose and be still. But while Emily and the LJ content enabled ME to be a better photographer, I also learned how to be a better dog handler that also happens to take photos at the same time.

I know all of this sounds kind of romanticised and marketing-y but that's just what it comes down to: Taking photos of Jordan has become a really fun activity for the both of us and I think the results from me and other members speak for themselves 🧡 (Side note: I still mainly take photos of her on a leash for safety reasons. But knowing how to edit it out seamlessly is also a skill I learned!)
Learning Journey member glow up Sanne
Oh Emily, words almost can't express how much I love the learning journey ánd the community you've created for us❤️.

I've been a member for a little over a year now (yay!). There's so much information in the learning journey. I feel like everything a photographer wants to learn about is there, and yet Emily still keeps expanding with useful and interesting things every month. From beginner to more advanced photographers, there's plenty of information for everyone. Some things I particularly love are the challenges and lives. Both Emily and Sabrina are the kindest people, and getting to connect and learn through the lives is a wonderful thing. They're always so interesting and with that super motivating! The challenges get me out of my comfort zone, doing things I might've never done if it wasn't for the challenge.

The community is simply amazing. There's so many kind, supportive people who give great feedback and genuinely want all the best for you. The community is my favourite social place to be on the internet. Seeing everyone's progress, getting help and helping others with struggles, cheering for personal wins, learning from one another and hyping each other up. The community is there for everything, not just feedback on photo's but also questions about gear, social media, websites, sharing the results of your challenges and holding you accountable.
Learning Journey member glow up Jessmira
I am in the LJ since October last year. I was unsure what I would find there. But I was surprised at how many lessons and tutorials there are. You learn so much about the camera, the light and perspective. About the crop and of course Lightroom and Photoshop. You've got challenges to practice what you already learned. I love the LJ and it’s amazing. Emily is a perfect teacher and helps all the time. But there is a big community and all the people are always sooo friendly and helpful. You can ask whatever you want and nobody says you are stupid or laughs at you. This is a harmonious place to learn about animal photography 😍"
Learning Journey member glow up Natasja
I joined the Learning Journey (LJ) the last time it opened and I can honestly say that I love it so much! The lessons are great and helped me grow a lot in such a short time. Emily explains everything very clearly in both texts and videos and there is no pressure put on you to be the best. Which helped me a lot, because I'm a big perfectionist.

I cannot even begin telling all the things I've learned, because it's so much. I started at the beginning and now I know so much more about my camera and composition and I'm just learning how to edit everything. I feel like I've so many more things to learn and I cannot wait to see where I'll be in another half year.

There is also an amazing community behind the LJ. Everyone there is so kind and supportive. Because of that it's easy to share your work and ask for feedback to get your work to a whole new level. Basically you get extra tips and tricks from other members or people help you find the lessons in the LJ were everything is explained.

I can only say: come and join us and start learning amazing things!💕
Learning Journey member glow up Enna
I am a Learning Journey Member since October 2023. One word that comes to my mind when I think about that course is: LOVE. The amount of content, the amount of support in the community is insane. Emily and Sabrina are working like crazy to provide the best possible content, the best answers and the best support to all of us. Whoever wants to learn, will learn so much here. There is no doubt. I have learned a bunch of new things, how to handle my camera, how to set up the settings for different kinds of photos, how to edit... There is still so much to learn, I am so happy that there is so much content and that there is endless chance of learning. I recommend this class to everyone who wants to learn about photography, as a hobby or a professional. You are covered here. 😊
Learning Journey Glow up before after Amy G
I've been a member of the LJ for a little over a year now and have found the wealth of resources available to be SO plentiful that I've STILL not managed to work through all of the material that Em and the team have to offer 😱 on top of that, there's an entire community of likeminded people who are always so generous and encouraging whenever you reach out 🥰 When I first decided to join, I really wasn't too sure what exactly I was looking for by signing up and I was attracted to the "learn at your own pace" style of education - all I new is that I wanted my photos to be *better*... whatever that meant 🤷‍♀️ And now? Now I'm able to look at my own images and start to pick them apart (usually in camera!). I'm looking for better lighting, more interesting scenes, a less distracting foreground, a more dynamic pose - and knowing there's an entire community to share the results with who are equally excited for your success, but also sympathise and help you to overcome any walls you face, is something truly magical 🤩|

Learning Journey FAQ

Do you like taking photos?

Do you want to take better photos?

If you answered yes, then the Learning Journey is probably right for you, unless you are already a professional, established photographer or you’re in a hurry to learn specific skills as the journey is meant to be, well, a journey!

In this case, you may be better signing up for a private lesson or purchasing an online course, as you can then move through the information at your own speed. For example, one of the Editing Tutorials, or the Photoshop Course, could be a great option for you if you’re just interested in learning Emily’s workflow.

If you want to take more beautiful photos of your pet, and you’re happy to work through the huge resource library, watch recorded critiques, and get to know our Community, the Standard Membership might be perfect for you.

If you have business aspirations, want more editing tutorials, want the added support of being able to join regular live events and edits, and want to be able to ask Sabrina or Emily questions privately… then the Pro Membership might be the best option for you!

Both memberships will help you learn to create and edit beautiful photos like Emily.

The Standard membership is better suited to hobbyists who don’t need to attend live events, and the Pro membership is best for those who want more editing resource, more support, and more accountability to reach their goals.

Yes of course! 
I’ve never wanted anyone to feel like they had to go out and buy a camera or fancy lens in order to participate.

will talk about camera settings, and there are lessons that go over these in detail, as well as different types of lenses and things to consider, however it’s not a requirement.

In fact, I think if you’re taking photos with your phone, that learning the fundamentals is even more important.

Definitely! In fact, this online learning option is perfect for you, as it will take you from the most important, fundamental skills, through to more advanced techniques and business aspects!

Whether you’re still on complete Auto-mode on your camera, or you’ve never used editing software before, you will start at the start and move through your journey in manageable steps.

As well, you can ask any questions in the Facebook group or Inspawration Connect, no matter how silly (spoiler alert, there’s no silly questions), and the monthly critique sessions and Q&A sessions provides a chance to get feedback on your photos, and to ask questions live. (plus it’s super helpful to watch other people’s critiques!)

Yes! Within your membership you can Upgrade from Standard to Pro, or downgrade from Pro to Standard. We recommend waiting until near your next billing date to do so, so you don’t pay twice.

You can also change from monthly to yearly, and viceversa

While all of my tutorials are based in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, it is possible to use many of the techniques in other programs.

I have recently created lessons exploring Affinity and Pixelmator Pro, to see how the programs vary, which features, keyboard shortcuts and techniques match up, and which don’t. As other students using other programs join, I will create more of these, to have a “library” of alternative programs and how to get the most out of them.

One of the reasons I’ve structured the LJ the way I have, is from feedback from my other students, who felt time poor, and like they were falling behind on their lessons.

In the Learning Journey, you will have a collection of lessons to view each month. If you don’t get to them, no worries! You can return to them whenever you want. Each month, a new topic with a collection of lessons will open up for you to work through. You have plenty of time for the lessons and bonus content, but it should be enough to keep you busy!

If you decide to go your own way and leave the membership, your access will cease at the end of that payment period (and we’ll all be sad to see you go).

No worries! They’re all recorded and uploaded to the member’s area usually within 48-72 hours..

Of course!

In fact we don’t even use our Facebook group any more, as we have our very own Inspawration Connect, which has a chat function, no algorithm, you can set up notifications to be emailed to you, and it even has its own App!


If you’re paying monthly, your membership will finish up at the end of that billing cycling. If you paid yearly, you can continue to use your membership until the end of the billing cycle.

Unfortunately I cannot do partial refunds.

Make sure that you cancel at least 48 hours before your next payment is due so it doesn’t get processed by your bank.

Once your billing period has ended, you will lose access to the membership and all the content. 

As of May 1st, yes! Previously the Learning Journey has only been open during selected windows of time… let’s see how this new experiment goes!

Then I’ll be very sad to hear that, but of course if you’re looking for something we’re not providing (for example, studio photography lessons!) then we completely understand!

To that end, if you aren’t satisfied with your membership, please get in contact and we will try and find a solution (and hopefully get some feedback to find out what we can improve upon!).

All lessons and videos are currently only available in English, except for the German version of Sabrina’s Flower Magic tutorial

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