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Workshop: Evaluating Our Work, Developing Our Style

Level: All. This workshop focuses on evaluating our work, discovering our strengths and challenges, and discussing what "style" means to us, and how we can begin to find our own style.

Workshop: Editing Rationale

🥸 (all): This workshop aims to dive into the question: How do I decide how to edit a photo? We discuss some guiding principles about elements in the photo which may influence your editing choices.

Workshop: Style, Self Analysis and Goal Setting

Unfortunately my computer with the workshop recording won't turn on again, so I can't upload the recording of this one, but you can still download the booklet to learn all about style, self analysis and goal setting.

Style, Self Analysis & Your Journey

Editing Rationale Talk

In this talk, we discuss why you might want to make certain editing decisions, from elements in the photo, the mood, the subject, the light, the colours and everything else you should take into consideration when you start editing.

A Note on Adding Darkness, a Dark Mood, and the Image’s Exposure

🥸 How & when to shape the light based on the location, & making sure images aren't underexposed

Genres & Types of Photos

Action Photography Poetry in Motion with Chris Van Riel

Chris will be joining us for 6 LIVE talks on a range of topics about action photography. From camera settings to location, dog sports, editing, ethical considerations and more.

Creating a Flower Photo with Alessia Monaco

We are joined by guest Alessia Monaco who will show us how she created this photo of the dog surrounded by wattle/mimosa flowers, from creating the photo to editing!

Deep Dark Forest photos (old version)

Behind the Camera elements of a dark & moody forest + editing tutorial (int-adv)

Deep Dark Forest (2023 update)

In this lesson, we look at the on-location elements AND some editing techniques you can use to create a deep green/deep dark forest photo. Length: 20 mins.

Editing Pets & People: Ike & Cecilia Tutorial

Let's edit this CUTE photo of Ike and Cecilia amidst the mossy woods. We're going to pull contrast from the background, brighten up the dark dog, work on her skin, and shape the light from above, all in 1 hour of video.

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Come Behind the Scenes as I set up a simple Christmas scene that anyone can make, and try to capture a variety of different photos beyond "dog sitting next to Christmas tree", to give you plenty of ideas for your next Christmas cards. Length: 1 hour.


This comprehensive "how to" lesson will take you through creating a dog-in-landscape photo, from lens choice to composition and posing, and finishing with an editing tutorial.

Product Photography & UGC

Have you ever thought of getting into commercial photography, or do you want to get paid for working with brands? In this interview, I talk about mostly what ecommerce businesses should think about when hiring a photographer but also a LOT about my experience on the other end and taking photos for businesses.

Self Portraits by Sabrina

Sabrina shares her self-portrait lesson with us! Learn some new techniques to be able to take beautiful self portraits with your dog!

Snow Photos

Behind-the-camera things to consider with snow photos + editing tutorial. Editing tutorial for int - adv level.

Videography by Guest Artist: Marlen Mansfeld

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