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Approaching your session: client vs. self mindsets

A Note on Adding Darkness, a Dark Mood, and the Image’s Exposure

🥸 How & when to shape the light based on the location, & making sure images aren't underexposed


Workshop: Style, Self Analysis and Goal Setting

Unfortunately my computer with the workshop recording won't turn on again right now, so I can't upload it, but you can still download the booklet to learn all about style, self analysis and goal setting.

Workshop: Editing Rationale

🥸 (all): This workshop aims to dive into the question: How do I decide how to edit a photo? We discuss some guiding principles about elements in the photo which may influence your editing choices.

Workshop: Evaluating Our Work, Developing Our Style

Level: All. This workshop focuses on evaluating our work, discovering our strengths and challenges, and discussing what "style" means to us, and how we can begin to find our own style.


How to: Create a “Deep Dark Forest” Photo

Behind the Camera elements of a dark & moody forest + editing tutorial (int-adv)


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