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The resources here are extra bonuses, or things that don’t “fit” in the other stages or topics, but which you might still find useful!

I will add things here from time to time, and if you have other suggestions for things that would fit here, please let me know via email, on 😊

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Useful Things

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Printable

English to German Photoshop Glossary

Other Editing Software: Affinity Photo

Other Editing Software: Pixelmator Pro

Fun Stuff

New Member’s Welcome (April 2023)

Welcoming new members of the Learning Journey! Introductions, how the site works, maybe some fun games, and getting to know one another.

Photography Bingo!

A bingo board especially for students moving through the Creating and Exploring stages! ATTN: There IS a prize!

Two 15 Minute Autumn Edits

How often do we feel like in order for our photo to be good, we have to edit for hours? I wanted to edit two photos, as quickly as possible, but still have them look and feel like my normal style.

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