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You’re finding your flow and making photos you’re really proud of, finding new locations, trying different poses and capturing different expressions. You want to continue to be inspired and expand your skills and creativity with new genres and new editing techniques.

Genres/Types of Photos

Editing Pets & People: Ike & Cecilia Tutorial

End of Life Sessions & Posing Pets & People: Guest Speaker Lauren Smith Kennedy

Hear from Lauren Smith Kennedy of The Tilly Project as she talks about how to capture genuine, candid, storytelling moments between pets & their people, as well as the art of End of Life sessions.

Creating a Flower Photo with Alessia Monaco

We are joined by guest Alessia Monaco who will show us how she created this photo of the dog surrounded by wattle/mimosa flowers, from creating the photo to editing!

How To: Dogs in Landscapes

This comprehensive "how to" lesson will take you through creating a dog-in-landscape photo, from lens choice to composition and posing, and finishing with an editing tutorial.

Business, Social Media, Websites, Portfolio, etc.

Beginning your Business: Guest Speaker Erin from the Growth Genies

Learn all about branding, cohesion in your business, authenticity, finding clients and more, with guest speaker Erin, the creative director of The Growth Genies.

Workshop: Websites, Social Media, & Canva

Do you need a website? What should go in it? How do you grow your social media? What should you be focusing on? What is Canva and how can it be useful? All these questions and more covered in this workshop.

All About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): with Mirella Ruotsalainen

What is SEO and why is it important when building your website, if you want your clients to be able to find you? Mirella answers all in this guest talk about Search Engine Optimisation.

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