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You’re finding your flow and making photos you’re really proud of, finding new locations, trying different poses and capturing different expressions. You want to continue to be inspired and expand your skills and creativity with new genres and new editing techniques.

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Genres/Types of Photos

Guest Artist: Marlen Mansfeld – Videography

Poetry in Motion with Chris Van Riel

Chris will be joining us for 6 LIVE talks on a range of topics about action photography. From camera settings to location, dog sports, editing, ethical considerations and more.

Behind the Scenes: Indoor Christmas Photoshoot

Come Behind the Scenes as I set up a simple Christmas scene that anyone can make, and try to capture a variety of different photos beyond "dog sitting next to Christmas tree", to give you plenty of ideas for your next Christmas cards. Length: 1 hour.

Editing Pets & People: Ike & Cecilia Tutorial

Let's edit this CUTE photo of Ike and Cecilia amidst the mossy woods. We're going to pull contrast from the background, brighten up the dark dog, work on her skin, and shape the light from above, all in 1 hour of video.

End of Life Sessions & Posing Pets & People: Guest Speaker Lauren Smith Kennedy

Hear from Lauren Smith Kennedy of The Tilly Project as she talks about how to capture genuine, candid, storytelling moments between pets & their people, as well as the art of End of Life sessions.

Creating a Flower Photo with Alessia Monaco

We are joined by guest Alessia Monaco who will show us how she created this photo of the dog surrounded by wattle/mimosa flowers, from creating the photo to editing!

How To: Dogs in Landscapes

This comprehensive "how to" lesson will take you through creating a dog-in-landscape photo, from lens choice to composition and posing, and finishing with an editing tutorial.

A Video Guide to Taking & Editing Snow Photos

Behind-the-camera things to consider with snow photos + editing tutorial. Editing tutorial for int - adv level.

Business: Pricing, Portfolio, Products

IPS & Product Pricing Calculator

Use this google sheet to help you calculate how much you need to charge for your products, see your profit margins, and more.

Beginning your Business: Guest Speaker Erin from Pet Biz Creatives

Learn all about branding, cohesion in your business, authenticity, finding clients and more, with guest speaker Erin, the creative director of The Growth Genies.

Business and Branding: Guest Speaker Erin Michie

We're going to discuss Pet Biz Creatives' signature methodology: the SINAP Method, otherwise known as the '5 Pillars of Every Successful Pet Business'. Whether you're ecommerce, retail or provide a service to pet parents, these 5 pillars are fundamental to establishing a powerful, compelling & lucrative pet biz, whatever your niche.
We're going to explore each of the 5 pillars: Story, Identity, Nurture, Assets and Partnerships; what these involve and how to implement them into your own business, all so you can reach that next level of growth & impact.

Pricing for Profit: Guest Speaker Nicole Begley

Join guest speaker Nicole Begley as we talk all things pricing. From how to determine your pricing including a handy downloadable pricing worksheet, to what products to sell and how to price them, to how to shift your messaging to attract your ideal clients! You CAN be profitable in any market, and Nicole is going to teach you how. (Length: 1hr 20 mins)


There is no right way to price your services!! But in this lesson, we talk about some things to consider, calculations, making a profit, and what kind of business model you might want to use.

Sample Examples: live session

In this live session, we looked at a variety of different artwork samples that you may wish to offer your clients, discussing the pros and cons of each, and considering what you might like to sell. Included in the lesson is a worldwide list of Professional-grade Print Labs. [length: 60 mins]

5 Pillars of a Successful Pet Business: Inspawration Case Study

Following on from our talk with Erin from Pet Biz Creatives, I break down how each of the pillars relates to how I built Inspawration, so you can see these concepts "in action" and how they may have even influenced your customer journey.

Product Photography & UGC

Have you ever thought of getting into commercial photography, or do you want to get paid for working with brands? In this interview, I talk about mostly what ecommerce businesses should think about when hiring a photographer but also a LOT about my experience on the other end and taking photos for businesses.


September 2023 Community Connect: Website Review

In this workshop style session, I go through the most important pages to include on your website, before participants visit two new websites of fellow members, and provide them feedback. We also talk showing prices, headlines, and more. Includes two downloadable resources. Length: ~1 hour.

Workshop: Websites, Social Media, & Canva

Do you need a website? What should go in it? How do you grow your social media? What should you be focusing on? What is Canva and how can it be useful? All these questions and more covered in this workshop.

All About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): with Mirella Ruotsalainen

What is SEO and why is it important when building your website, if you want your clients to be able to find you? Mirella answers all in this guest talk about Search Engine Optimisation.

Social Media & Marketing

Workshop: Websites, Social Media, & Canva

Do you need a website? What should go in it? How do you grow your social media? What should you be focusing on? What is Canva and how can it be useful? All these questions and more covered in this workshop.

Mental Health

Guest Speaker: Jennifer McFarland, the Power of Habits

Affirmation Journal

A downloadable journal from one of our very own students, or you can purchase a hard-copy to save you on printing!

The Perfect Trap: How Perfectionism hurts Performance: Guest Speaker Kai Simmonds

Pressure and Perfectionism with guest speaker Jenni Glad

Birthday Week Goal Setting Planner

A downloadable journal for you on your birthday week, to look back at the year you just had, and make plans for the year ahead.

Unnoticed Progress is Progress too

Articles, Thoughts & Ramblings Posted on Inspawration Connect

Photography Awards Checklist

Sabrina put together a great list to help you if you're thinking of entering one of the pet photography awards - not necessarily print awards, but definitely some of the others. There's also a list of competitions included.

Editing: More isn’t always better

I’d Love an Editing Tutorial On…

Unnoticed Progress is Progress too

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