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Journey in the Woods: Full Tutorial

🧐 Normal workflow, downloadable file, start to finish

Edit Together: Spring Theme

🥸 - suitable for all (at least the first part), full walkthrough, spring bluebells, curves layers, changing colours, solid colour layers to fix parts, face contouring.

Your Image, My Edit: Amie

Int 🧐/Adv 🤓 - Full tutorial, even exposure, balancing dark/light, lots of selective colour and colour harmony. My true process as I play & experiment with colours & mood.

Edit Together: Forest Boxer

Download the file, edit along to make a bit of a moody image using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Reflections: Full Tutorial

🤓🧐 (int-adv) Download the file and take this cool, under-exposed reflection of image, to a brighter, orange/warm photo, using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Edit Together: Flower Crown

🧐🤓 (int-adv) Download the image and follow along as we create a warm summery edit of Loki in his flower crown.

Edit Together: Forest Sheltie

(int/adv) Combine 3 images and use a foreground overlay to create this secretive ferny hollow for sheltie Petrie

Edit Together: Forest Vizsla

[int/adv] In this edit together we work on Lucy's beautiful photo of Jess in the woods. Download the file and edit along!

More Advanced

Backlit Amie: Full Tutorial, PS Only!

🧐🤓 (int-adv): This full tutorial uses PS only, but NO RADIAL FILTERS. We edit an underexposed, backlit image of Amie, showing a few different techniques, with a focus on non-destructive/reversible editing.

Golden Light Avi

[int/adv] We're going to take a pretty overcast image of poodle x Avi, and create some glowing golden backlight, as he is surrounded by beautiful pink flowers.

Sadie in the Woods: Full Tutorial

[int/adv] The full tutorial of my photo of Sadie in the woods. We started on FB live but the rest is recorded later, not live.

Snowy Wonderland

[int/adv] We're going to create a magical winter portrait of Journey in the snow, with blue and magenta tones, and a flurry of snow falling.

Mountain Sunshine

[int/adv] We are going to take a pretty flat, boring mountain scene featuring Loki, brighten it up, add some sun and some rim-light around his fur, to make it bright and joyful.

Edit Together: Styles Edition

[int/adv] We're going to take one raw file and treat it in two different ways: one darker, cooler and moodier, and the other brighter, warmer and happier.

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