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Journey in the Woods: Full Tutorial

An older tutorial before masking updates, following (perhaps) an older process. Adding light to the face, a spotlight effect, slightly altering colours and other normal steps. Nothing overly fancy! Length: 56 mins

Journey On a Rock

Full editing tutorial on an under-exposed photo of Journey, with some blown out highlights. Full process as a "stand alone" tutorial - prior knowledge of LR radials & PS masking/adjustment layers required. Length: 1hr 10 min

Edit Together: Forest Sheltie

Combine 3 RAW file images to create one panorama, giving Pitrie enough room below his feet and space above his head space for him to look into. We also use a fern overlay for some foreground blur/to add a bit more depth, then do quite a bit of work to create a "deep dark forest" mysterious mood. Length: 1hr 30min

Edit Together: Forest Boxer

Using LR & PS, we work on this photo of a Boxer, getting light on the face, shaping the light, shifting the colours of the greens to create more contrast with the dog, dodge/burn/contour the face, and more. Length: 1hr 25min

Golden Heather

Follow my normal process with a couple of extras, using LR & PS to make this bold and vibrant portrait of Luke in the purple heather, with warm golden backlight. Flip the image, clone some heather, and add some colour to the heather are all covered here. Length: 1hr 20 min

Edit Together: Spring Theme

Full tutorial using curves layers and making a bit of a "pastel" look, changing colours, masking the dog, solid colour layers to fix parts, face contouring. Length: 1.5 hours.

Edit Together: Flower Crown

Full tutorial, following the normal process, removing the slight green tint, warming up the image, creating an open vignette, dodge & burn/contouring. Length: 1hr 18min

Your Image, My Edit: Amie

Full tutorial, balancing exposure, lots of selective colour and colour harmony, shifting lime greens to a deeper cyan green. My true process as I play & experiment with colours & mood. Length: 57 minutes

Reflections: Full Tutorial

Full tutorial, working on a very underexposed image. Lots of white balance & colour adjustments, brightening up the dog while keeping it natural, but keeping the sky highlights dark. Length: 30 minutes

Edit Together: Forest Vizsla

Working on a Vizsla (orange dog) in the woods. Adding more richness to the colours, spotlight effect & shaping the light, contouring/dodge & burn, motion blur bokeh. Length: 1hr 20min

More Advanced

Backlit Amie: Full Tutorial, PS Only!

This full tutorial uses PS only, but NO RADIAL FILTERS. If you use an editing program that doesn't have radials, this is for you. We edit an underexposed, backlit image of Amie, brightening her, darkening highlights, shaping the light, bringing more warmth to the colours, with a focus on non-destructive/reversible editing. Length: 1hr 15min

Golden Light Avi

Full tutorial of a slightly under-exposed image of black(ish) poodle Avi on an overcast day, warming up the background and faking golden hour through several techniques to make it more believable. Shifting colours of the flowers, brightening Avi up, and other various techniques. Length: 1hr

Sadie in the Woods: Full Tutorial

Full editing tutorial of Sadie in the woods. This started as a live session but my computer died. Normal process including removing a person by using another photo of the location, shaping the light (a lot) shifting colours more toward cyan, enhancing the hazy effect in the background. Length: 45 minutes

Snowy Wonderland

Full tutorial of a slightly underexposed Journey with a relatively high ISO. Brightening the dog, shaping the light, shifting the colours to this cool-magenta tone, using gradients, adding a snow overly, dodge/burn, etc. Length: 1hr 15min

Mountain Sunshine

We are going to take a pretty flat, boring mountain scene featuring Loki, bringing out details in the clouds, brighten it up Loki, add some sun with an overlay and some rim-light around his fur to make the sun more believable, shifting colours, removing distractions (grass), but keeping it bright & light. Length: 1hr 8mins

Edit Together: Styles Edition

We're going to take one raw file and treat it in two different ways: one darker, cooler and moodier, and the other brighter, warmer and happier. Normal process up to a point. Lots of curves layers to shape light and change the mood, lots of selective colour & colour changing options to go either warm & orange or cyan and moody. Length: 1hr 30mins

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