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Choosing a Location

How do you choose where to take photos? This lesson goes over some of the basic concepts when it comes to choosing locations, what to avoid and what to consider. Includes a photo walk!

Choosing a Location

This lesson expands on the basic concepts already covered and begins diving much deeper. Start thinking about open and closed locations, how our goal contributes to choosing a location, thoughts on using tunnels & curves, and the most important... visual interest!

Photo Walk in Our Woods

Join me for a walk through my favourite woods in the UK as I describe why certain locations may or may not work, followed by example photos taken in those places.

Behind the Scenes: Limited Location

Join me for a glimpse behind the scenes of a very quick photoshoot, in a boring and limited location. No ferns, no moss, nothing but weeds and a glimpse of backlight sun.

Light & Location: Quiz!

What makes a good location? Watch short video clips & think about how the photo will turn out, then click to see the finished result, settings & my thoughts on it!

How to: Fix your composition on location (and in LR & PS)

[all] If you chop your dog's feet off, don't give them enough space to look into, or if they suddenly look in an unexpected direction, don't despair! This lesson is for you to fix those composition issues ON LOCATION, as well as how to use this technique once home.

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