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Tools & Lessons

How to: Add a Snow Overlay in Photoshop

How to: Edit & Brighten Eyes in Lightroom

20 Minute Tutorial: Merge Two Photos (Headswap!)

🥸 A 20 minute tutorial: combine two photos in Photoshop for head-swaps/background swaps etc.

Image SOS: Episode 1

Image SOS on 3 images: Patchy highlights in background & on the dog, extreme shade on face, fixing composition, fixing blown out highlights

Editing Eyes

🧐🤓(int/adv): Learn a few tricks & processes for working on eyes, mostly in Photoshop, also looking at quite dark colourless eyes & what to do

15 Minute Tutorial: Face Contouring

🤓🧐 (int/adv): Learn how to see & find the shapes of a dog's face to effectively dodge & burn for a 3D effect

How To: Use Overlays

Learn how to apply an overlay to a photo in Photoshop

15 Minute Techniques: From Grey Winter to Golden Backlight

[int/adv] Winter means a lot of dull, grey, boring skies. In this quick lesson I show you a few tools to "spice up" your sky or bokeh to give it a golden backlit effect.

How to: Fix your composition on location (and in LR & PS)

[all] If you chop your dog's feet off, don't give them enough space to look into, or if they suddenly look in an unexpected direction, don't despair! This lesson is for you to fix those composition issues ON LOCATION, as well as how to use this technique once home.

How to: Remove a Person

Learn how to easily remove a person/handler from a photo using other photos taken at the scene, and simple masking techniques in Photoshop.

Editing Toolbox: Grey-Green Warm Yellow Tones


Workshop: Photoshop Basics

😎 Introduction to Masking in Photoshop. What is it? How to mask? Masking in two layers, and masking in adjustment layers. An absolutely FUNDAMENTAL skill in Photoshop.

Workshop: Curves in Photoshop

🥸 (all - with some PS knowledge) Curves adjustment layers! My favourite editing tool when it comes to light and dark tones in the image! Learn all about curves, how and why to use them.

Workshop: Fixing Backgrounds

(int/adv) Learn how to copy & move parts of the background, use the clone stamp, healing spot, content aware fill, content aware crop, and content aware scale tools.

Workshop: Shaping the Light

In this workshop, we're going to learn not only HOW to Shape Light, but also WHEN, and WHY. Best suited for INT/ADV students.

Changing Colours Workshop

Learn not only multiple tools to change the colours of your photos, but also looking into colour theory, and WHY you might want to make certain colour changes (and when not!)

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