If you’re like me, and your dogs are your LIFE, your family, your kids, or even if you just really really love them… then you might want to make Christmas cards to send to your friends and family, featuring their cute squishy faces and Christmas antics, right?

Apparently not everyone thinks they’re “allowed” to make Christmas cards of their pets, so this is your permission and your inspiration (or, Inspawration, if you will) to make it happen.


Below, you’ll find 12 non-boring ideas for taking Greeting-card-worthy photos of your pets. Of course, getting your cat to participate in some of these MAY be asking a bit much but I definitely think some of the ideas still apply.

For these photos, my gear setup was:

  • Sony a7iii camera
  • Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4 lens
  • Two cheap soft-boxes with continuous studio lights
  • A bunch of props
  • About a bazillion fairy lights (honestly the more the better).

While you don’t NEED a fancy camera, lens, or lighting for these ideas to work, they may make your life easier and will have an impact on the quality of your photos… depending especially on how dark your room is.

That being said, you can totally take these ideas, change them, make the setup with your own equipment, and just use the ideas as a “jumping off” point.

In each idea I’ll give you a rough idea of my setup, as well as any tips and tricks for making it work.

If you love these ideas and can’t wait to try them out, make sure you share them everywhere! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok… all of it!

Let’s go!

Day 11: My Presence is Presents Enough

Day 12: It Was the Night Before Christmas…

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