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Pet Photography

Unlock the secrets of creating a mood, telling a story, and capturing your pet’s unique personality with dynamic and engaging portraits.

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Ready to take your photography to the Next Level?

Do you take photos of your pet, or for clients? Do you always feel like something is missing, or that it could “pop” more? In this course, we will break down, discuss, uncover, and delve deeply into the elements that make up a photo.

The more we can peek “behind the curtain” of photography, the more you can begin to define and reliably create your style, whether that’s dramatic, moody, whimsical, or joyful, creating photos that move and engage your audience with that “wow” factor.

What makes this course the

#1 choice for aspiring photographers

Move the slider to see photo comparisons, showing the kinds of photos you (might) be
taking now, compared to the kinds of photos you could be taking by the end of the course.

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DSC00456 DSC09888
Before Rosie
155086571_3722651707833880_5683200614295440814_o 156063430_3722651984500519_6879936211828671212_o
Before After

Who is this course for?

If you are...

Then you will find invaluable information in this course.


Most people believe that editing is the key to a great photo, when in reality, it isn’t. What makes a truly great photo is a cohesive collection of different elements, brought together to create a mood, or tell a story, guiding our audience through our image in a way that engages, surprised or delights them.

Take your Pet Portraits to the Next Level

Meet Emily

About Me (Emily!)

I’m Emily, and with me are Journey and Loki.

I am a dog-obsessed former teacher (with a Masters degree in teaching) who fell in love with photographing my dogs, and then other people’s pets, and it seemed only natural to combine my love for teaching, with my love for photography.

Welcome to “Next Level” pet photography. This is, for me, one of the most exciting courses. Yes, more exciting than the Photoshop course.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the elements of this course as much as I do. It combines everything I have learnt about pet photography and how to create stunning, engaging and dynamic images, and reveals them for you in a series of lessons packed full of information and examples.


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Course Content

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Refreshing the Foundations
Types of Photography
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Natural Light
Choosing a Location & Creative Elements
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A: Although it covers many of the foundation skills required to take great photos, it is not designed with the beginner photographer in mind. You would be much better checking out the Improve Your Pet Photography course and starting there.

A: Of course! In fact, the majority of the lessons focus on elements of the subject or the scene. That being said, the kind of photos that I take, and that I believe are most moving, dynamic and engaging are those taken with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

A: Of course! Although it might be a bit more difficlt to make your cat pose in a certain way, or to get certain expressions from your cat.

A: You’ll have lifetime access! As long as the website exists, you’ll have access to the course.

No. This course focuses on elements during the photoshoot, as I strongly believe this has a much greater impact on the quality, mood and impact of your photo (or at least will save you hours and hours in editing to try and achieve that mood!)

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