Pet Photography: Next Level

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Pet Photography: Next Level

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Do you take photos of your pet, or for clients? Do you always feel like something is missing, or that it could “pop” more? In this course, we will break down, discuss, uncover, and delve deeply into the elements that make up a photo.

The more we can peek “behind the curtain” of photography, the more you can begin to define and reliably create your style, whether that’s dramatic, moody, whimsical, or joyful, creating photos that move and engage your audience with that “wow” factor. Read more about this course on its dedicated page.

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1 review for Pet Photography: Next Level

  1. Rosie Phang

    The Next Level Course is absolutely ESSENTIAL in improving our photographer’s eye. It shows you that taking pictures is not just about getting your camera settings and your focus right, it is about Light, Curves, Mood, Location, all these different factors coming together seamlessly to create a beautiful image. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their photography and have a better understanding on what makes an image stand out.

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