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Lightroom is one of the premier programs used by Photographers around the world to catalogue and edit their photos. If you aren’t yet confident with Photoshop, or you’re just beginning your editing Journey, this is a GREAT place to start.

Course Overview

Pet owner, Instagram
petfluencer, or
aspiring pet photographer?

Here you’ll find information on how to use the tools of Lightroom specifically in regard to pet photography.

Whether you’re wanting to polish up photos of your own dogs, or create more artistic edits of client dogs, Lightroom is a great program to use.

Lightroom is easy to understand, and it’s possible to create some really gorgeous images with this program alone, so don’t feel the need to skip this course and jump straight into Photoshop, as it’s really important to prepare your image here first, before moving on to the “sexy stuff”. 

The course provides an overview of all the most important tools and features of Lightroom as they relate to Pet Photography, as well a several full editing tutorials.

What makes this course the

#1 choice to improve your editing skills

This course was designed and created by a fully qualified teacher, to take complete beginners through the most useful tools in Lightroom, and to explain not only how to use those tools, but when and why, so you can begin making editing decisions yourself once the course is over!

Who is this course for?

If you are...

Then you will find invaluable information in this course.

Throughout this course we’re going to look at each of the tools or panels, to understand how they work and how we could use them, and then as we progress, there will be larger, more in-depth tutorials using Lightroom only.

Included Tutorials...

An unedited photo of a black and white border collie An edited photo of a border collie
DSC09941-Edit DSC09941-Edit
DSC09145 DSC09145-3
DSC00105-Pano DSC00105-Pano-2

Meet Emily

About Me (Emily!)

I’m Emily, and with me are Journey and Loki.

I am a dog-obsessed former teacher (with a Masters degree in teaching) who fell in love with photographing my dogs, and then other people’s pets, and it seemed only natural to combine my love for teaching, with my love for photography.

I use Lightroom to begin ALL the edits of my photography, setting up a good base or foundation for my images before taking them to Photoshop, but you could just as easily edit the whole thing in Lightroom only (as shown in the included tutorials!)

I really enjoy the creative process of editing, really bringing the mood or story of the photo to life, and I can’t wait to share that with you in this course!


What our students are saying


A: You will get the most out of it with Lightroom, rather than some other program. There are a couple of tools I use a lot in Lightroom that aren’t found in Affinity or other programs. The Photoshop course might be a better fit for you!

A: No! Although the lessons have all been created in Lightroom Classic, most of the tools are the same in LR Mobile, or LR CC (with a couple of exceptions). It will just be a matter of you finding where the different tools are in LR Mobile.

A: Nope. This course starts you from the very beginning and assumes you’ve never used the program before. 

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