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Photos in Focus

Everything you need for getting more photos in focus, more often. Will these lessons GUARANTEE focus 100% of the time? No! But we'll aim to improve your rate of useable in-focus photos, through careful choice of focus modes and focus area.


Workshop: Back to Basics – Learning Our Camera

😎 Level: Beginners. Learning your camera. How to change shutter speed, ISO & aperture, different focus modes, back button focus. Learn your way around your camera.

Workshop: Focus in Focus

😎🥸 (beg/all): Look at focus settings & focus areas, Back Button Focus, and troubleshoot common focus issues in this workshop

Get off Auto Mode: Mastering Manual Exposure

This is a great workshop for anyone new to photography, who wants to master manual exposure. We go over the exposure triangle, talk about noise, underexposing, and getting blurry backgrounds (and more!)

Camera Settings Masterclass

In this live event, we're going to explore focus settings, and exposure settings. The workshop will encourage you to pick up your camera and try out different settings, to get a feel for how they really work.


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