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Inspawration Editing Process & Rationale: Start here!

In this FULL, step by step tutorial, we delve Em's editing process. A lot of people ask: "How would you edit xyz" or "Can we have an editing tutorial on abc"... but the fact of the matter is, 90% of her edits follow this same basic process or set of steps, adjusted to each individual photo. Starting here, you can get a feel for not only her "base process" but also the rationale for why she uses this workflow. Duration: 1hr 10mins

Editing Toolbox: Brightening Underexposed Images

An editing toolbox focusing on underexposed photos, giving you a selection of tools and techniques to brighten your subject when they've been underexposed.

Backlit Journey

Full editing tutorial on an under-exposed photo of Journey, with some blown out highlights. Full process as a "stand alone" tutorial - prior knowledge of LR radials & PS masking/adjustment layers required.

Backlit Amie

This full tutorial uses PS only, but NO RADIAL FILTERS. If you use an editing program that doesn't have radials, this is for you. We edit an underexposed, backlit image of Amie, brightening her, darkening highlights, shaping the light, bringing more warmth to the colours, with a focus on non-destructive/reversible editing. Length: 1hr 15min

Golden Heather

Follow my normal process with a couple of extras, using LR & PS to make this bold and vibrant portrait of Luke in the purple heather, with warm golden backlight. Flip the image, clone some heather, and add some colour to the heather are all covered here. Length: 1hr 20 min


Editing Rationale Talk

In this talk, we discuss why you might want to make certain editing decisions, from elements in the photo, the mood, the subject, the light, the colours and everything else you should take into consideration when you start editing.

Backlight Behind the Scenes

Join me on a photo-walk, checking out a new forest for backlight potential, talking about what works and what doesn't work, what I'm looking for, and how to find backlit locations of your own.

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