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How to use Lightroom: Comprehensive Guide & Tutorial

In this lesson, I take you through, step by step, how to use Lightroom to edit (not for catalogue/library) - I explain the different sections, how to use the masking area, and take you through a full edit of a black dog in the woods. After this lesson, you should feel comfortable moving around Lightroom and using masks. Length: 1 hour

LR Update: Masks, Masks & More Masks!

Recently, Lightroom released an update that changed how we do our selective edits. It can seem overwhelming at first, but all comes down to adding to a mask/group, or removing from a mask/group. Here, we explore how we can use these new masks in our edits!

Workshop: Seeking Distractions

Level: All/Beginners/Intermediate. This workshop covers some of the most FUNDAMENTAL tools for editing, especially in Lightroom, and talks about my rationale behind how I begin to edit. A GREAT starting point for anyone new to editing.

Ear Party: Lightroom Mobile Edit

This full editing tutorial uses LR mobile on my phone, so it's perfect if you're editing on a phone or tablet, HOWEVER, all the concepts and tools are found in the full version of LR too, so don't ignore this one even if you edit on your computer!

How to Edit Out a Leash in Photoshop!

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