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As with everything I do, having a solid grasp of the foundations is incredibly important, before skipping to the “sexy stuff”.

The thing is, many people want to change colours, add fake sunlight, or make a deep dark forest… without a good rationale behind what they’re doing…

Or, without working in a way that allows you to be flexible in your editing. 

Everything I do has a purpose:

Draw my audience’s attention to the dog, and keep them in the photo.

Everything I do (generally) works around my aesthetic preferences. 

And everything I do allows me to edit in a way that uses the RAW data, but also so that at any point during the editing process, whether in an hour, 2 days, 2 months, or a year later, I could go back and easily make changes to my edits. 

That means structuring my workflow in ways that are non-destructive, and that won’t cost me a lot of time or energy having to fix things if I want to change something. 

In these lessons, we’re going to begin that process of finding your own rationale for how, when and why to make certain edits, as well as setting up processes for you to make your subject the star of the photo, and to be able to edit and make changes into the future.

Lessons & Tools

Bonuses, Workshops, Tutorials

How to use Lightroom: Comprehensive Guide & Tutorial

In this lesson, I take you through, step by step, how to use Lightroom to edit (not for catalogue/library) - I explain the different sections, how to use the masking area, and take you through a full edit of a black dog in the woods. After this lesson, you should feel comfortable moving around Lightroom and using masks. Length: 1 hour

LR Update: Masks, Masks & More Masks!

Recently, Lightroom released an update that changed how we do our selective edits. It can seem overwhelming at first, but all comes down to adding to a mask/group, or removing from a mask/group. Here, we explore how we can use these new masks in our edits!

In the Green: Beginner-Friendly Editing Tutorial

This tutorial takes place on Lightroom only, and discusses with some emphasis making editing choices or having an editing rationale, rather than blindly following a tutorial. We're going to use a lot of radial filters, brighten the dog, bring sharpness and clarity to his face, work on the colours, and more.

Edit Together: Keeping it Simple

(Beg/int) Download the raw file of this simple photo and take it nice and slow as we edit together in Lightroom. Nothing too fancy, explaining the process & some interesting LR features.

Workshop: Seeking Distractions

Level: All/Beginners/Intermediate. This workshop covers some of the most FUNDAMENTAL tools for editing, especially in Lightroom, and talks about my rationale behind how I begin to edit. A GREAT starting point for anyone new to editing.

Ear Party: Lightroom Mobile Edit

This full editing tutorial uses LR mobile on my phone, so it's perfect if you're editing on a phone or tablet, HOWEVER, all the concepts and tools are found in the full version of LR too, so don't ignore this one even if you edit on your computer!

Spontaneous Edit Together: Springtime Loki!

This was the first live event for new Learning Journey students! We discuss our goal in editing and go through some of the tools in Lightroom, chatting about when we might use these different options and why.

How to Edit Out a Leash in Photoshop!


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