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It’s no secret that getting your photos in focus, with the focus on the eyes, is one of the most important fundamental skills you can master.

But this is easier said than done! After all, dogs move around, they look around, they are living, breathing creatures with minds of their own! 

In the following lessons therefore, we’re going to be covering the “best settings” used by most professional pet photographers, to give you the highest chance of getting your photos in focus. 

Is this a guarantee that 100% of your photos will be in focus immediately?


After all, cameras are just machines, dogs are dogs, and we are only human.

What we want to aim for is an “acceptable number of useable photos”. What that means will vary from person to person, but if you’re shooting in burst mode and get 6+ “useable photos” from a burst of 10, then that’s probably a decent number.

Even I don’t expect 100% of photos to be useable 100% of the time. But if I can minimise the number of unusable photos due to technical reasons, then I will have more to choose from in terms of expression from the dog. 

Important Notes & Ideas

  • Simply learning a bunch of settings will NOT improve your hit-rate of in-focus photos. Only getting out there and taking photos, practise moving the focus area, moving the camera slightly, using back button focus and so on, will help you get better and improve. 
  • If your models are less patient, eg., they don’t like to sit and have their photos taken while you try and figure out the focus area, move the focus point and so on, I highly recommend you get a small stuffed animal toy and use that instead. Much more patient, they don’t move nearly as much, they usually have shiny eyes you can focus on, and it’s much kinder to your dog. 


Photos in Focus

Everything you need for getting more photos in focus, more often. Will these lessons GUARANTEE focus 100% of the time? No! But we'll aim to improve your rate of useable in-focus photos, through careful choice of focus modes and focus area.

Topics/Lessons included in the "Photos in Focus" Lesson

Why can’t my camera (still!) focus on the eyes?

Workshops & Bonus

Workshop: Focus in Focus

😎🥸 (beg/all): Look at focus settings & focus areas, Back Button Focus, and troubleshoot common focus issues in this workshop

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