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Here you’ll find a selection of bonus lessons, tools, tricks, techniques and more!

I will be adding new lessons here every now and then so make sure you check back!

Editing Toolbox: Brightening Underexposed Images

An editing toolbox focusing on underexposed photos, giving you a selection of tools and techniques to brighten your subject when they've been underexposed.

Editing Toolbox: 4 Dog Group Photo: Headswaps!

In this lesson, learn how to use Photoshop to combine four different photos - one of each dog - to ensure everybody is in focus!

Inspawration Editing Process & Rationale: Start here!

This is a great lesson to start delving into Em's editing process. A lot of people ask: "How would you edit xyz" or "Can we have an editing tutorial on abc"... but the fact of the matter is, 90% of her edits follow this same basic process or set of steps, adjusted to each individual photo. Starting here, you can get a feel for not only her "base process" but also the rationale for why she uses this workflow. Duration: 1hr 10mins

All Colour Change Tools in LR and PS

In this lesson, I show you (pretty much) every single possible tool and technique in Lightroom and Photoshop that you can use to change colours, and discuss when you might want to use them (or not).

Open in Photoshop, Save to Lightroom, Open in Photoshop again

Editing Toolbox: Grey-Green Warm Yellow Tones

Let's split our greens into two colours: a soft cyan grey, and a warmer soft yellow-orange. This can take harsh summer greens to a much more pleasing tone, with an interesting split-colour effect.

Editing Rationale Talk

In this talk, we discuss why you might want to make certain editing decisions, from elements in the photo, the mood, the subject, the light, the colours and everything else you should take into consideration when you start editing.

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