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Inspawration Editing Process & Rationale: Start here!

In this FULL, step by step tutorial, we delve Em's editing process. A lot of people ask: "How would you edit xyz" or "Can we have an editing tutorial on abc"... but the fact of the matter is, 90% of her edits follow this same basic process or set of steps, adjusted to each individual photo. Starting here, you can get a feel for not only her "base process" but also the rationale for why she uses this workflow. Duration: 1hr 10mins


How to: Deep Dark Forest

In this lesson, we look at the on-location elements AND some editing techniques you can use to create a deep green/deep dark forest photo. Length: 20 mins.

Deep Green Editing Challenge

This editing tutorial links to the "Deep Green" editing tutorial & lesson, and provides you with two options of photos to edit. One being simpler, the other much more advanced. You are encouraged to "copy" the edit, to push your editing skills, try new techniques, and expand your editing options.

Editing Rationale Talk

In this talk, we discuss why you might want to make certain editing decisions, from elements in the photo, the mood, the subject, the light, the colours and everything else you should take into consideration when you start editing.

Deep Dark Forest photos (old version)

Behind the Camera elements of a dark & moody forest + editing tutorial (int-adv)

Full Tutorials

Sadie in the Woods

Full editing tutorial of Sadie in the woods. This started as a live session but my computer died. Normal process including removing a person by using another photo of the location, shaping the light (a lot) shifting colours more toward cyan, enhancing the hazy effect in the background. Length: 45 minutes

Forest Sheltie

Combine 3 RAW file images to create one panorama, giving Pitrie enough room below his feet and space above his head space for him to look into. We also use a fern overlay for some foreground blur/to add a bit more depth, then do quite a bit of work to create a "deep dark forest" mysterious mood. Length: 1hr 30min

Dreaming in Green: Full Tutorial

This is a full start-to-finish editing tutorial in both LR and PS. We are editing puppy Hijinx, constructing a panorama to fix our composition, and shifting from these pale green tones into deeper, richer greens. Length: 1hr 50 mins.

Simple Green Loki: Full Photoshop-Only Tutorial

[beg/int] This is a full start to finish tutorial in Photoshop only (including Adobe Camera Raw), editing a fairly simple headshot of Loki, creating some nice deep green tones. This is a good tutorial if you know the basics of masking and adjustment layers but aren't super confident yet in Photoshop.

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