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Basic Editing Process & Rationale: Start here!

This is a great lesson to start delving into Em's editing process. A lot of people ask: "How would you edit xyz" or "Can we have an editing tutorial on abc"... but the fact of the matter is, 90% of her edits follow this same basic process or set of steps, adjusted to each individual photo. Starting here, you can get a feel for not only her "base process" but also the rationale for why she uses this workflow. Duration: 1hr 10mins

In the Green: Beginner-Friendly Editing Tutorial

This tutorial takes place on Lightroom only, and discusses with some emphasis making editing choices or having an editing rationale, rather than blindly following a tutorial. We're going to use a lot of radial filters, brighten the dog, bring sharpness and clarity to his face, work on the colours, and more.

Sadie in the Woods: Full Tutorial

Full editing tutorial of Sadie in the woods. This started as a live session but my computer died. Normal process including removing a person by using another photo of the location, shaping the light (a lot) shifting colours more toward cyan, enhancing the hazy effect in the background. Length: 45 minutes

Edit Together: Forest Sheltie

Combine 3 RAW file images to create one panorama, giving Pitrie enough room below his feet and space above his head space for him to look into. We also use a fern overlay for some foreground blur/to add a bit more depth, then do quite a bit of work to create a "deep dark forest" mysterious mood. Length: 1hr 30min

How to: Create a “Deep Dark Forest” Photo

Behind the Camera elements of a dark & moody forest + editing tutorial (int-adv)

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