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Dreaming in Green: Full Tutorial

This is a full start-to-finish editing tutorial in both LR and PS. We are editing puppy Hijinx, constructing a panorama to fix our composition, and shifting from these pale green tones into deeper, richer greens. Length: 1hr 50 mins.

How to: Deep Dark Forest

In this lesson, we look at the on-location elements AND some editing techniques you can use to create a deep green/deep dark forest photo. Length: 20 mins.

Editing Rationale Talk

In this talk, we discuss why you might want to make certain editing decisions, from elements in the photo, the mood, the subject, the light, the colours and everything else you should take into consideration when you start editing.

15 Minute Tutorial: Face Contouring

🤓🧐 (int/adv): Learn how to see & find the shapes of a dog's face to effectively dodge & burn for a 3D effect

I’ve added the Face Contouring lesson as a bonus, since the recording of “Dreaming in Green” messed up at this point in the tutorial. This lesson is older, but much more in-depth than would have been included in the tutorial itself! 



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