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Lessons & Tools

Open in Photoshop, Save to Lightroom, Open in Photoshop again

All About White Balance

Learn my favourite tips and tricks for setting white balance, particularly when sitting down to edit!

Workshops & Events

Workshop: Photoshop Basics

😎 Introduction to Masking in Photoshop. What is it? How to mask? Masking in two layers, and masking in adjustment layers. An absolutely FUNDAMENTAL skill in Photoshop.

Workshop: Editing Rationale

🥸 (all): This workshop aims to dive into the question: How do I decide how to edit a photo? We discuss some guiding principles about elements in the photo which may influence your editing choices.


A Winter’s Journey: Lightroom Only Tutorial

This is a very old tutorial! Using Lightroom only, we'll edit this photo of Journey, shaping the light, bringing out details in his face, and reducing distractions. This tutorial was created before the LR update in 2021.

Edit Together: Keeping it Simple

(Beg/int) Download the raw file of this simple photo and take it nice and slow as we edit together in Lightroom. Nothing too fancy, explaining the process & some interesting LR features.

Springtime Šaj: Black Croatian Sheepdog: Lightroom Only Tutorial

[int] Lightroom only tutorial editing a panorama photo of Šaj, a black Croatian Sheepdog in a spring scene.

A Touch of Magic: Lightroom-Only Tutorial

Using Lightroom only, we're going to make this photo of Loki a little bit magical. With a lot of radial filters, we'll brighten & sharpen a black dog, shape the light, work on the colours, and create a sort of warm glow for him to look into.

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