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Lessons & Tools

All About White Balance

Learn my favourite tips and tricks for setting white balance, particularly when sitting down to edit!

Open in Photoshop, Save to Lightroom, Open in Photoshop again

Check your histogram after editing!

Workshops & Events

Workshop: Photoshop Basics

😎 Introduction to Masking in Photoshop. What is it? How to mask? Masking in two layers, and masking in adjustment layers. An absolutely FUNDAMENTAL skill in Photoshop.

Workshop: Editing Rationale

🥸 (all): This workshop aims to dive into the question: How do I decide how to edit a photo? We discuss some guiding principles about elements in the photo which may influence your editing choices.

Photoshop Basics Workshop 2024

The perfect webinar for beginners to Photoshop, people who find the program overwhelming, or anyone who uses older techniques (eg., merging & duplicating layers). We go through everything you need: navigating Photoshop, essential settings to change, what are layers, how masking works, how to do head-swaps and panoramas, how to work with light and dark to make spotlights and vignettes, my favourite colour change tool, and a little look into gradients. Huge workbook also included. [Length: 2 hours 30 mins]


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