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All Colour Change Tools in LR and PS

In this lesson, I show you (pretty much) every single possible tool and technique in Lightroom and Photoshop that you can use to change colours, and discuss when you might want to use them (or not).

Editing Toolbox: All About Gradients

In this Editing Toolbox, we dive deep into the "Gradient" adjustment layer (not to be confused with gradient map!). We go over: how to add some colour and contrast, and even slightly change colours, add some light and separation behind the dog, add some foreground blur, and show you examples of when I've used different gradients in my edited photos. [Duration: 30 minutes]

Changing Colours Workshop

Learn not only multiple tools to change the colours of your photos, but also looking into colour theory, and WHY you might want to make certain colour changes (and when not!)

Editing Toolbox: Grey-Green Warm Yellow Tones

Let's split our greens into two colours: a soft cyan grey, and a warmer soft yellow-orange. This can take harsh summer greens to a much more pleasing tone, with an interesting split-colour effect.

15 Minute Techniques: From Grey Winter to Golden Backlight

[int/adv] Winter means a lot of dull, grey, boring skies. In this quick lesson I show you a few tools to "spice up" your sky or bokeh to give it a golden backlit effect.

Workshop: Changing Colours (March 2021)

🧐🤓 Level: Intermediate/Advanced. When/why to change colours, different tools to change colour: HSL in Lightroom, Colour Balance, Selective Colour, Hue/Saturation adjustment layers

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