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Pet Photography Fundamentals Membership

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Move beyond happy snaps and start taking better photos of your pet with Pet Photography Fundamentals.

Stop putting up with blurry, out of focus photos, struggling with crazy lighting, and wasting time sliding editing sliders back and forth.

Instead, learn the fundamental techniques to take photos you’ll want to share, to print out and that you’ll cherish, all from a professional pet photographer and teacher.

Find the full information about the membership by clicking here.

In this membership, you’ll learn:

  • How to make your photos FEEL better to look at through easy composition tips and guidelines
  • Why your subject’s expression and ears can make or break your photo
  • How to find locations to take better photos, without having to go into the deep dark woods
  • How to use natural light to your advantage, what to avoid, and when to pick up your camera or phone and get outside!
  • How to use your phone to its fullest potential
  • How to use Lightroom to edit your photos, including two full editing tutorials

Join our private community to ask questions from Emily and our wonderfully supportive group of international pet lovers and pet photographers, and jump on live once a month to connect and get help, support, celebrate wins, and share stories.

With hours of video lessons, visual examples, downloadable workbooks and reference cards with more being added regularly, behind the scenes footage and plenty more, this membership will get you started in photographing your pet, perfect if you’re a complete beginner!

Please note, this membership does not include camera-specific lessons, as it was designed for anyone with a camera OR a phone, and we didn’t want to overwhelm you with unnecessary information. Make sure you sign up for “master your camera” at checkout if you want to learn about getting your photos in focus, the exposure triangle, and depth of field.

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