In these online, self-guided pet photography courses,  you can learn all the skills and techniques you need to go from happy-snaps, to creating moving, impactful artworks of dogs and other pets, whether you’re a pet parent, petfluencer, or professional photographer.

As a teacher, dog lover, and pet photographer, I designed these courses to take students on a full journey – from learning about camera settings, composition, and using natural lighting conditions, all the way up to more advanced Photoshop techniques and creating moods and telling stories through the elements we choose to include in our photos.

Feel more confident when you’re out taking photos, and create images you will be proud to have turned into artworks, and to share on social media.

Take the courses at your own pace, with lifetime access, ask questions and get support in the forums, and join our growing Inspawration family.


The Current Courses

Improve Your Pet Photography


Perfect for total beginners, pet parents, or new photographers
check Learn new skills whether photographing with phone or camera. Get your camera off auto mode and take control of the settings
check Know how to use natural light to take beautiful photos

check Learn about composition, finding locations, posing your dog, and basic editing tools

Lightroom for Pet Photography


Edit your pet photos the way you want them to look using Adobe Lightroom!
check Perfect for beginners: Learn what each tool does, and when to use it. No more sliding sliders around randomly hoping for the best. 
check Stop using presets, and take control of your editing.

check Full tutorials from start to finish, using Lightroom only to create beautiful portraits – download the files and edit along!

Next Level Pet Photography


Perfect for aspiring or professional photographers: everything you need to create beautiful, artistic portraits of pets

check Learn how all the elements of a photo can come together to create a cohesive mood or story before you get to editing.
check Take your fundamental knowledge further, learn how poses, light, expression, location and more can affect the way your audience views your image.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to create art, find your style and to take your work to the next level

Photoshop for Pet Photography


Learn Photoshop, from start to finish.
check Learn the most important tools for pet photography, and how they can be used in multiple ways for different effects.
check Learn how to mask, change colour, manipulate light, add flare, retouch eyes and more. Follow along with tutorials to put your new skills into practise.

check Perfect for anyone who wants to do more in-depth editing, whether they are completely new to Photoshop, or know their way around the program.

About The Courses

Each of the courses is broken into smaller lessons, covering one aspect of pet photography, whether that’s the behind-the-lens elements of working with natural light, posing a dog, training a stay, or finding a location, or the editing elements – how to take the photo you captured and turn it into something that captivates your audience. 

Why Choose These Courses?

I know, there’s a lot of photography courses out there! What makes these ones different?

  •  I am a qualified teacher with a Masters of Teaching. While my education and experience has geared me toward teaching children, being able to explain concepts and ideas in a way that is understandable for a wide range of learners has been a huge part of my job. If I can teach children how to read, I can teach you how to take photos of pets!
  • I am relatively new to the pet photography world, but this is a strength! Passionate, constantly learning and improving my own skills, and excited to share my knowledge with you.I’m not stuck in a rut or married to one style or one way of doing things, instead I delight in playing and exploring within my art, and wants my students to as well!
  • Courses will be able to be taken individually, bought together as a set, or by signing up for the Learning Community monthly subscription,  you will have access to all the courses and lessons, as well as an ever-growing library of full workflow tutorials, how-to’s, critiques and feedback, personal support and more. 
  • The courses are designed so that you don’t have to get all the way through to see improvements in your photography, whether you’re a pet-owner wanting to take better photos, or a hobbyist wanting to transition to professional, you will immediately be able to implement the advice in the lessons to start taking better photos, or implementing new editing strategies.
  • Each lesson (usually) has both video and a text component, so there are multiple ways to experience the information. All lessons with text-based information have a translate button, for you to put the text in your own language. Unfortunately Vimeo doesn’t have an automatic closed-captioning/translating feature, so this is something we will be looking into in the future.

What Our Students Are Saying

Which Course is Right For You?

If you are new to photography, a pet lover wanting to take better photos of their furry companion, an aspiring photographer who wants to refresh or improve their understanding of the fundamentals, or a keen Instagrammer ready to take their feed to the next level, then the Improve Your Pet Photography course is designed specifically for you.

It covers all the fundamental skills and knowledge that are critical to taking high quality pet photos, whether you’re using a phone or a camera, want photos for yourself, or hope to shoot photos for clients. Without this fundamental knowledge, it would be impossible to take any of the hundreds of stunning photos you’ve seen on this website!



Yes! Especially the “Improve Your Pet Photography” course. Maybe even moreso than if you have a fancy camera! Because there are some limitations when using phone cameras, knowing about using natural light, composing your scene, getting the right perspective, and even basic editing techniques will be much more important in creating stunning photos.

Definitely. I cover the most important camera settings in the Improve Your Pet Photography course, from focus settings to getting off auto or priority modes, and into manual mode for complete control.

Yes! There are suggestions and advice for dogs without a stay and puppies, as well as a complete “stay” lesson and a bonus lesson to edit out a leash, just incase you need to leave your pup on leash, included in the Improve Your Pet Photography course.

Actually I’ve never been asked this but I’m pre-empting the question. Of course you can! Many (if not all) of the concepts apply to other animals. Using natural light, perspective, composition, even getting expression, can be applied to the majority of our animal companions.

Maybe not snakes.

Or turtles.

And many of the editing techniques and ideas will transfer to different animals as well!

Yes! I built the course so it goes through each tool one by one, explaining and demonstrating how each tool works, when and where I might use it. By the end of the course, there are several full walk-throughs, with images you can download and practise on, with more being added regularly!

You probably won’t get the most out of this course if you only have the free version of Lightroom.

Jump over to the Adobe website. There is a free trial before your subscription starts. They have a photography plan for about £10 a month which includes Photoshop as well! Of course there are other editing programs that may work, I just don’t know them so can’t recommend them.

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